Rumor Addict!!!!

Hey Knuckelballs!

My name is Babs and I’m an addict…  Alright, as baseball fans, why are we so in love with the rumor mill?  I LIVE for hot stove news about my team.  I keep my eye out for news on other teams that might somehow change things in division competition.  I follow every player on my team on Twitter and when we add a new player, I add them.  Does Joe Mauer have a contract yet?  Do we know who is going to play 3B yet?  Did you see how excited Pat Neshek is to throw a ball?  I’m sure that the baseball writers are glad that we are like this because it keeps people coming to websites to keep reading even when there aren’t any games or scores to follow!  So when the Twin Cities rumor mill blows up because a sports reporter gets a little too excited that contracts are under discussion, is that a symptom that we are living with an unhealthy obsession?  Is it contagious???  I don’t know and most of the time I don’t care because I have a ready source of the news drug that fuels my addiction.  Of course, I think the obvious sensitivity to such over-reaction is most definitely a symptom of one thing – the off-season is TOOOOO long.  I’m hanging on by my fingernails until that first pitch is thrown. 

Of course, I don’t promise to watch the rumor mill any LESS once baseball season actually starts!  😉