GameChat – (ST) Yankees @ Twins & Twins @ Pirates

ok – it’s actually a split squad day so here’s both lineups just in case your radio is playing the Pirates game!

NY Yankees   Minnesota  
Gardner, CF   Revere, CF  
Swisher, DH   Punto, 3B  
Teixeira, 1B   Mauer, C  
Cano, 2B   Cuddyer, RF  
Thames, LF   Kubel, DH  
Hoffmann, RF   Peterson, Br, 1B  
Rivera, Mi, C   Jones, J, LF  
Pena, R, SS   Tolbert, SS  
Laird, 3B   Casilla, A, 2B  
  Mitre, P     Baker, S, P  


Minnesota   Pittsburgh  
Span, CF   Iwamura, 2B    
Hudson, O, 2B   Cedeno, SS    
Morneau, 1B   Jones, G, RF    
Thome, DH   Doumit, C    
Young, D, LF   Pearce, DH    
Hardy, SS   Alvarez, 3B    
Valencia, 3B   Moss, LF    
Ramos, W, C   Crosby, 1B    
Tosoni, RF   Raynor, CF    
  Duensing, P     Ohlendorf, P    


2 Replies to “GameChat – (ST) Yankees @ Twins & Twins @ Pirates”

  1. Some asskicking… the Twins seem to be a step ahead of the game so far this preseason… more commitment to being ready for the start of the season?

  2. YF, I would love to say that was true! LOL of course, the other squad got a similar whomping from the PIRATES. Something tells me that it was more about which games got which pitching right now. But I will willingly go along with committment to the season if you would like to press that point. 😉