OUTRAGE! Twins go TOO far with inhumane promotion!

Hi Knuckleballs… JimCrikket here… and I’m outraged at what I’ve seen about a new promotion the Twins have announced!

I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked at the headline once. Then looked again. It couldn’t be true. How could they possibly think this would be accepted by the public?!

But there it was… in a bold headline right on the Twins’ website. “Twins to Sell Four Types of Dogs at Target”

Now I’m not a member of PETA, but I really think that organization needs to step in before this promotion gets established.

Can you just imagine these four types of dogs being sold to just any old drunken Twins fan who decides during the 7th inning stretch that they want a new dog? Where’s the background check? How do we know they’ll be going to good homes?

Will Twins be selling this poor basset at Target Field?
Will Twins sell him to Cruella DeVil?
Don't let the Twins sell dachshunds to drunks!
Say "No!" to Twins' plan to sell him to visiting BitchSox fans!

Rise up, fellow animal loving Twins fans! Speak up now! Tell the Twins they can’t go forward with this ill-conceived and inhumane promotion! With your help, we can stop this outrageous idea before it starts! – JC

[UPDATE from CapitalBabs] Um… JC… did you READ the article? The Twins are introducing four new types of HOT DOGS that will be for sale in Target Field.

[UPDATE from JC] Oh… well that’s a different matter altogether. I like hot dogs, especially at a baseball game!

Never mind.

9 Replies to “OUTRAGE! Twins go TOO far with inhumane promotion!”

  1. I think you have too much time on your hands and failed to even READ the article. It’s about hot dogs, not canines. /sigh

  2. Jim, did you know that the article is about hot dogs (the food) not stolen animals?

  3. I’d beat up the vendor before I’d let that puppy fall into the hands of a BitchSox fan.

  4. LMAO ok, toooooo funny!!! glad you put up the pictures though! Who doesn’t like pictures of puppies!!

  5. LOL & AWWW . . . how sweet 🙂
    And thank you for not ranting about the “beloved” Dome Dog . . . anyone who clings to that notion should just go sit inside the Metrodome for three hours every day looking at the roof 🙂