WE’RE NUMBER… um… 64?

So I was making my daily rounds of my favorite Twins blogs on Wednesday when I noticed Seth Stohs’ had posted an “I like this Top 10 list!” entry. Seth linked to Bob Ingrassia’s “newsbobber” site where Bob had posted the Top 10 Minnesota Twins blogs list.

Now, let me just say, I had no illusions that our brand spanking new “Knuckleballs” blog would have cracked the “top 10″… or even the top 20… or 30. We were well aware that there’s a boat load of Twins blogs out there when we started this blogging adventure.

But newsbobber doesn’t stop at the “top 10”. Nooooo… it lists 63 Twins blogs! None of them “Knuckleballs”! This means that we are… at BEST… the 64th most popular Twins blog!

Of course, we’ve only been up and running for about a week, so we can use that as an excuse for our poor showing (or non-showing, in this case). But I don’t accept excuses from Gardy or any of the Twins and I won’t accept it from us, either. We can do better… we must do better… we WILL do better! (But then, it would be tough to do worse than “not listed”.)

Newsbobber ranks the blogs by “Newsbobber Score”. I admit I didn’t dig in to how that score is determined, but somehow we need to figure out how to get one!

Oh, I would also point out that Bob invites people to let him know if you, “Don’t see one of your favorites.” (Hint hint.) Yes, I realize it may be way too soon for any of you to consider Knuckleballs to be, “one of your favorites.” But, I promise, you won’t go to hell for telling Bob a little white lie and helping us out in the process.

Just for the record, I was pleased to see almost all of the blogs on our “Additional Twins Blogs” list ranked highly on the list and congratulate Aaron Gleeman on his perch at the top (though I wonder how he feels about being referred to as the “grandpappy of Twins bloggers”).

Seriously, I had no idea there were that many Twins blogs out there. Obviously, there are a lot of them I’ll be checking out for the first time, very soon. That should be time consuming enough to keep me from doing anything remotely productive for a while. – JC

5 Replies to “WE’RE NUMBER… um… 64?”

  1. I ran across a mention of this list elsewhere and realized I had never actually looked at it. We’re actually listed as 64 now!

  2. Seriously?? That’s hilarious! didn’t realize they would ‘update’ things! I’m vastly amused.

  3. “They” is me … And I’m all about adding blogs to the Minnesota Blog Directory, which is the main driver behind the baseball blog rankings. The directory includes more than 1,000 blogs … and they all are scored on the same metrics. So I can do ranked lists of blogs by topic … Vikes, outdoors, politics, etc. Look for more of those down the road.

    Knuckleballs is a fun addition. Your score will go up as more people link to you and after Google gives you a PageRank number … and as you coerce your pals to subscribe to your RSS feed!

  4. Well Bob, color us flattered! As new kids on the block, we were making a joke at our own expense and have already attracted more attention than we would have guessed during Spring Training. Keep your eye on us because we hope to get things REALLY cooking as the regular season gets in gear!

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