Not Part of the Day’s Plan

Yesterday started out innocently enough. I had a lazy morning getting ready to attend the TwinsCentric Viewing Party and picked up CapitalBabs a little bit before 11 a.m. to head down to Apple Valley. After we arrived and said hi to some of the TwinsCentric guys, we set up our computers for the live GameChat. Watching the first televised game of the year and hanging out with a bunch of other Twins fans for the first time this year was a great time. I even won one of the door prizes, a copy of TwinsCentric’s 2010 Minnesota Twins Annual. Since I’ve already purchased one, I’ll be giving the second one as a gift (recipient to be revealed at a later date). I’m really not all that great with meeting people at these types of events (or pretty much any other type of event), but if we have more of these throughout the season, I’ll eventually start to get to know folks.

One topic of conversation between Babs and me and between us and others at Majors was the availability of single-game tickets, which went on sale to the general public yesterday. The more I’ve heard about availability, the more I’ve wondered if I’d be able to get to many games at all and considered whether it might be worth going for a season ticket plan and just selling tickets for games I can’t go to or don’t “need” to attend, but wasn’t sure that was a good financial decision to make right now. After discussing it very briefly with Babs and another friend of ours and realizing how easy it’ll probably be for me to sell my unneeded tickets, Babs dialed the number to the ticket office and I took the plunge.

I am now the owner of two seats in section 322 in the 20-game plan C (orange). Part of me feels like it was one of the craziest things I’ve done in a while, part of me is relieved to know I’ll have tickets to as many games as I generally care to attend in a year, and part of me is just thrilled to be a season-ticket holder. When I woke up this morning I had to go look at the notes I took while on the phone to confirm it really happened.

Next Sunday I get to check out Target Field, including the view from my seats. Remind me to take my camera, okay?

5 Replies to “Not Part of the Day’s Plan”

  1. *shame* At least I’ll be just as .. helpful.. in getting your extra tickets sold as I was in getting you to get them in the first place!! 😉 Heck, maybe you can even post a few here and see what kind of readers we are REALLY getting! *laugh*

  2. oh, and for the record, I’m glad that even if I can no longer be a season-ticket holder, I’m glad you can be. Congrats!

  3. Congrats! Being a season ticket holder is a wonderful thing! Do you get priority for playoff seats? Because that is absolutely key and worth laying out the cash in advance for tickets…

  4. Well, look at all the comments! Apparently the email forwarding thing wasn’t working yesterday…

    Thanks for all the congrats! I’m still not sure it was a *smart* thing to do, but I think it’ll work out fine and be a good thing in the long run.

    And yes, YankeeFan, the benefits do include priority for playoff tickets. I assume they’ll still sell them as strips of whole series at a time, but I’m guessing I could work that out the same way I’ll work out the regular season tickets.