My First Look at Target Field

Because I went a little crazy last weekend and bought that season ticket package, I was able to head down to Target Field today and check out my seats, the sights, and a little bit of the food. My friend Molly came along with me, and it was happily not too difficult to find our way into one of the parking ramps.  We had a short hike through the skyway, during which we saw this view.


Just about the time you’re wondering if you’re going to make it where you want to go, there’s this door to the outside, revealing Target Plaza and Gate 34.


These are the stairs that come down from the skyway to the plaza.


This is the view of the plaza as you leave the stairs.


After entering through Gate 34 and heading to the left, a lot of food and beverage options await you on the concourse.


This vendor was a welcome sight.


I love that there are escalators. We took two to get up to section 322.


I forgot to log onto the season ticketholder website (I don’t have my actual tickets yet) to verify what the numbers of my seats are; I thought they were 3 and 4 but they’re really 13 and 14. Thus, this is sort of the view from my seats. I’m hoping that the view of home plate won’t be behind rails ten seats to the left.


Here’s the view of the videoboard from not-quite-my seats.


I’m not sure why, but I’ve been assuming the bleacher seats are the kind without backs. I was very happy to see they do indeed have back support.


Molly and I both tried the Italian sausage and deemed it pretty tasty. Molly also got a cup of fries, which weren’t bad at all (I’m not as much into fries, but I might buy them sometime).

5 Replies to “My First Look at Target Field”

  1. It was such a gorgeous day today, too. It was probably only 30-35 when we were sitting in not-quite-my seats, but the sun was plenty warm and would totally be tolerable if there were a game to watch (except perhaps for the woman who was super excited to see there was hot chocolate available at the same time I was considering a cold beer).

    I can’t wait to go to a game either! I’m really hoping I can work something out to go on April 16 or 18 since I can’t on the 17th when I have tickets for, but we’ll see. Otherwise, I’ll be making up for lost time when I can finally go on May 22, 26, and 28. It’ll be a busy week!

  2. that’s quite a beautiful view of the field from your almost seats!! We’ll have to see how much we can see into the dugout from that high – even with our good field glasses!