Captions That Write Themselves… almost

Tuesday’s spring training game with the Red Sox was a night game and I’m too tired to come up with much to say about it except that the Twins won… again. By the way, for those of you keeping score at home, the Twins are a perfect 5-0 in spring training games since I’ve arrived in Ft. Myers to attend their games. I’m waiting to hear from the team about my free season tickets to assure at least 81 wins this season.

To give you something to pass your time while I’m taking in my final spring training game of this season on Wednesday (vs. the Marlins), here are a few pictures taken before the Tuesday night game (and one from DURING the game that I just added to the end this morning, after reading Howard Sinker’s blog at the Strib). They just begged for clever captions and I was coming up blank. Help me out here, will ya?

And for the late morning edition of this post, inspired by Howard Sinker’s post today in his “A Fan’s View from Section 219” blog on 5′ 3″ Chris Cates…

9 Replies to “Captions That Write Themselves… almost”

  1. 1: Line dancing is hard.
    2: “Kirby, you look so thin!” “Joe, you look so rich!”
    3: “Man hug?” “Nah, dude, we’re buddies, you get the full-on deal.”
    4: “Watch this!” “Again? Seen it. Call me when you don’t drop the bat at the end.”
    5: “And then I told her…” “Pssst…Doc…is it just me or are these guys crass as all hell?”

  2. #1: The Ministry of Silly Walks has a branch in Bahstan, ayuh.

    #2: “Why the fins, Chairman?” “In case of rain-outs.”

    #3: Big Papi approves of DJ Cuddles.

    #4: I would hit it, … and maybe that butt, as well.”

    #5: “Ooooh! There are children watching, eh!” “Just don’t look, Doc. Just … don’t look.”

  3. 1) “Are you sure this is where I’m supposed to wear this? It doesn’t feel right. . .”

    2) Ortiz: “You more famous than me now, kid?” Joe: “Yeah, probably.”

    3) “I wuv you!” “No, I wuv you more!”

    4) Little did Big Papi know that a top secret faction of baseball-playing ninjas intent on his destruction was brewing from within the Red Sox organization.

    5) Justin: “No, dude, that’s NOT how you’re supposed to be wearing that.”

  4. OMG… literally laughing my ass off this morning. I just KNEW you all could come up with captions much better than anything I was generating last night… and you certainly are not disappointing me, so far! – JC

    After reading Howard’s “A Fan’s View From Section 219” about Chris Cates this morning, I added a 6th picture.

  5. ok, this is not a caption but.. um… I think Youk needs to switch to a new cream – or start one. Something is obviously not working for him!

  6. oh.. and for that last one – to borrow from O-Dog: “are you sure you’re not the batboy?”

  7. #1: “Put your right foot in…”
    #2: “Aw Joe, even the sunshine looks better with you in it.”
    #3: “Ok, Papi, let me show you what I learned watching WWE Raw the other night.”
    #4: “Bat-bull riding will be the hottest thing on YouTube.”
    #5: “Guys, do you think I should have this looked at?”
    #6: Unfortunately for 2B Chris Cates, the Hammond Stadium gift shop was out of youth-sized uniforms.

  8. 6: “When the pants were too long, I didn’t think twice about it…but the helmet? I’ve got a normal-sized head, you assholes!”