Spring Training Vacation Wrap Up

I’m heading out bright and early Thursday morning, but before I call it a night, I wanted to post one final “Spring Training Report.” (OK, it might not be the final one published, depending on whether a final ‘Jim Crikket Report’ makes an appearance in Howard Sinker’s “A Fan’s View From Section 219″ blog Thursday).

I can’t recommend highly enough this kind of spring vacation, if you’re a Twins fan or a fan of Major League Baseball at all. I’m sure Target Field will be terrific, but you don’t get opportunities to watch talent of this level as “up close and personal” anywhere but during spring training. And the opportunity to check out the Twins’ “future stars” on the minor league complex is a huge bonus, in my opinion.

With that, I’ll leave you with a few images from my last day at Twins 2010 Spring Training.

Outside Hammond Stadium, Spring Training home of your Minnesota Twins!
2008 first round pick Carlos Gutierrez gets some help with his change-up grip
Michael Cuddyer doing his Nick Punto impression... and he's SAFE!
Jim Thome and Jerry White doing... something... I don't think I wanna know what.
Anthony Slama... closer of the future?
Ben Revere. His time is coming... soon.
Hammond Stadium Mens Room... with "Take Me Out to The Ball Game" murals
TC Bear with a SuperSoaker... coming soon to an outdoor stadium near you!

7 Replies to “Spring Training Vacation Wrap Up”

  1. Well Jamar, you should get on that.. I’m waiting for the email collection of all your favorite Spring Training pics! *smile* I would love staff included.

  2. Wonderful pictures. You even managed to take a shot of the restroom and keep it tasteful.

    I think I Anthony Slama; those old-school stirrups pretty much rock my socks.

    Thanks for sharing your Spring Training stories.

  3. A relief pitcher named Anthony Slama? Dick n Bert (and all Twins beat writers) must be hyperventilating thinking of him Slama-ing the door on the opposition!

  4. that and many other options, yes! Besides, it’s really fun to watch him pitch. I look forward to the day when they bring him up.