The Kyle Lohse we never saw as a Twin.

So after I got home from the sports bar where I watched the Twins/Royals game this afternoon, I settled in to watch the last few innings of the Mets/Cardinals game on FOX.

If you didn’t see this game, I really don’t know where to begin to explain it to you. You can read a brief write-up of the game from writer Matthew Leach here (and while you’re there, click on the box score), but that story doesn’t really convey the flat out weirdness of this game.

I could tell you about how the game went 18 innings in a scoreless tie and how each team scored 1 run in the 19th. I could try to explain some of the absurdly strange strategies employed by the managers. But in the end, I think one picture might be worth all the words I could try to write.

In the 18th inning, former Twin starting pitcher Kyle Lohse entered the game for the Cardinals. No, not as their pitcher. He entered the game as the Cardinals’ left fielder, in the clean up hitter spot behind Albert Pujols in the batting order.Yes, fans, manager Tony LaRussa removed Matt Holliday from the game after the 10th inning as part of one of those fancy National League “double switch” things. Which means for the final 10 innings of the game, not only did LaRussa NOT have Holliday’s bat available, but the pitcher’s spot in the order followed Pujols. I know you’ll be shocked to learn Pujols was intentionally walked twice in extra innings, even when it meant loading the bases.

Meanwhile, Cardinals left fielder Joe Mather took to the mound in the 19th inning (in relief of Cardinals infielder Felipe Lopez, who pitched the 18th).

So… here, in the top of the 20th, we find another former Twin, the Mets 2B Luis Castillo hitting a fly ball down the left field line, off of Cardinals left fielder Joe Mather, where the ball is corralled by pitcher Kyle Lohse (yes the picture is fuzzy, but trust me, that’s Kyle). You can’t make this stuff up.

One of two put outs recorded by Cardinals "left fielder" Kyle Lohse Saturday night.

Lohse actually recorded a couple of put outs. He also went back to the warning track for a fly ball in his first inning in left field.

9 Replies to “The Kyle Lohse we never saw as a Twin.”

  1. Thanks, JC, I saw the photo of all the zeros. I read the articles but nothing explained this game to me like your post.

  2. I was at the game. Both catches were game savers of a sort, given that the Cardinals eventually lost. The Mets first run scored on the warning track catch, but if Lohse missed it several runs would have scored. The second catch was a nice runner, I doubt Matt Holliday would have caught it. I Kyle missed it the Mets would have be set to score more runs that inning.

  3. a 20 inning game (most of it 0-0) AND a no hitter on the same day… to love baseball!

  4. I can’t believe that I coudln’t find a way to watch any of the game – black out on the computer and no broadcast in my area. Would have LOVED to have seen any of that!

  5. Hee. I was wondering if you were watching it too and also noting all the absurdities.

    I guess so 🙂

  6. deoppressed is absolutely right that both catches were critical, but then LaRussa had to figure anyone he put in left field was going to have to at least make the most basic plays. He got back easily to the warning track to camp under the ball on the first catch. But that second one was a bit more of an adventure, with Kyle running in and over in to foul territory only to have to reach a bit awkwardly back in to fair territory to make the catch. In the end, his heroics mattered not, as the Mets won the game 2-1.

    Glad you got to watch it, too, jamar. I’m sure you were enjoying those absurdities as much as I was (it’s easier to just enjoy them when they’re not affecting your own team, isn’t it?).

  7. tg, believe it or not, I actually type “Lyle” in my first draft of this post. I changed it because I didn’t think enough people would “get it” without an explanation. I’m very pleased to learn I’m not alone! BatGirl lives!

  8. Damn, that’s some odd baseball. I had no clue they’d put Lyle in left, haha.

    Also, I still miss Geez Luis. Is that weird?