GameChat – Twins @ Tigers #2, 6:05

Welcome to the Bigs, Luke Hughes!  Another crazy lineup but after last night, it looks halfway normal!

Minnesota @ Detroit
Span, CF   Jackson, A, CF
Hudson, O, 2B   Damon, DH
Mauer, C   Ordonez, RF
Thome, DH   Cabrera, M, 1B
Cuddyer, 1B   Boesch, LF
Kubel, RF   Inge, 3B
Young, D, LF   Raburn, 2B
Hardy, SS   Avila, C
Hughes, L, 3B   Santiago, SS
  Baker, S, P     Scherzer, P


  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Minnesota 2 0 1 3 0 0 0 0 0 6 13 1
Detroit 1 0 0 4 0 6 0 0 x 11 13 0


oh man, OUCH, I am kind of glad that I didn’t hear or see anything past the 4th inning!  From the looks of the boxscore, I got to see all the really good parts – including Luke Hughes’ first major league at bat and the kid likes to do things in style!  Congratulations Luke!  We’re glad to have you on board!  I’m never going to complain about having an aussie cutie on the bench!

photo courtsey of Brian Henricksen

Whaddya Worried About (poll)?

Yes, the Twins are off to a great start. But let’s face it, MLB history is littered with teams that got off to great starts and couldn’t seal the deal. And it’s not like our guys have been doing EVERYTHING right, right? I mean… is there any group of fans less excited than Twins fans when their team loads the bases against an opposing pitcher, at this point? And yeah, people pick on Little Nicky Punto and Brendan Harris has his fans, but are you really ready to turn 3B over to Harry long term, if Punto’s groin is going to be a long term issue? And how about this “stiff back” of Morneau’s? See… there are all sorts of things for Twins fans to worry about!

So let’s find out what everyone is MOST worried about (cuz you know we ALL worry about SOMETHING… it’s in our heritage as Twins fans!).