First Rainout in MN in almost 30 years!

That I can recall for the MN Twins anyway…

Tonight’s game has been postponed due to the rain and planned for a Day/Night double-header tomorrow.  According to what’s being announced on Twitter, the idea is that anyone with tickets for tonight’s game will have those valid for tomorrow at 7:10 since the original game tomorrow is still scheduled for 12:10.  Just to be clear, according the the Twins, tickets for the afternoon game will NOT grant you access to the evening game.  I’ll update this post with any news that comes out!  So check back later.

ETA:  important broadcast note – both games will be televised on FSN and am1500.

9 Replies to “First Rainout in MN in almost 30 years!”

  1. I wonder if I will be blacked out for the noon game here in CA because of the Fox Network blackout…

  2. I tell ya – 28 seasons in that abominable dome has turned us into weather wimps! Why I played plenty of games in rotten weather and …



  3. (There was supposed to be an “Emily Litella” at the end of that last comment – but I got a little too cute with the HTML…)

  4. I swear I made a post hear about doubleheader at the Metrodome earlier today…hmm

  5. yeah, they have postponed games in the last 30 years at the metrodome – but for other reasons than rainouts. Snow collapsed part of the roof once and when 35W went down, that effected the game schedule too.

  6. James, I found your comment – turns out that WordPress had a default that holds comments that have 2 or more links in them for approval. Since we don’t approve comments right now, we don’t go looking for them or see them right away. Sorry!

    Thanks for the info and I’ve changed the limit to 5 or more links – but be aware that it’s an antispam step that’s a pretty good idea but for future reference, stay under 5 per comment! *laugh*

  7. Naturally, this is the first weekend I’ve ventured up to the Twin Cities for a regular season game (I did attend one of the Cardinal exhibition games), so it would naturally follow that weather would be an issue. My family and I have tickets for the 12:10 game Saturday so hopefully that game will be played as scheduled.

    If not, I guess we’ll just have to find other things to do. (Did you know there are actually bars near Target Field?)

  8. Right now, the weather is supposed to clear and be mostly sunny by game time. Unfortunately, it will still be a tad on the cool side – low 50’s is what they’re saying. But, JC, you used to live here so I’m pretty sure that you can handle it. 12:10 is still the scheduled start time.