When Baseball and Knitting Collide

The title of this post would be kind of an awesome name for a blog, but alas, I’m having enough trouble coming up with stuff to write about here, let alone elsewhere.

With the cooler weather today, I started thinking about ways to keep warm at the ballpark. As it happens, one of the ways I spend my free time, besides taking in as much baseball as I can, is knitting. I have quite a few other hobbies, but since teaching myself the basics of knitting about a year and a half ago, I’ve become very addicted. A few weeks ago I noticed a post on my favorite online knitting hangout, Ravelry, calling for “baseball lovin’ test knitters.” I’d never done any test knitting, but I was intrigued. It turned out someone had designed a pair of fingerless gloves with a baseball theme. The pattern is called “Double Play,” and the pair I made are pictured below. The baseball lacing is subtle in this version, but still a neat effect. They were really fun to knit, and I’m very happy to have them as part of my personal Target Field Weather Preparedness Kit.


These can be knit with any color(s) you like so they’re customized for your baseball team (I was sort of going for Twins colors, but they’re not quite right, I know). The designer’s blog shows another version with the baseball stitches done with doublestitching (I’d like to knit this version too, but I need to find just the right red yarn first).

If you (or someone who likes you very much) knits and you must have a pair of your very own, the pattern is available through Ravelry (free to join, and you can find me there as tygress) for $4.00 here.

7 Replies to “When Baseball and Knitting Collide”

  1. that was precisely my response… I’ll have to do some looking around and see what I can come up with.

  2. Aw, knitting isn’t that hard! I did a quick search on Ravelry (it’s also for crochet-oriented folks), but didn’t come up with anything in crochet.

    I did, however, find a link to the Homer Blankie, http://www.craftzine.com/extras/112.html, which I must consider making. I don’t know how to sew the fleece backing on, but I’m sure I could work something out with someone who does…

  3. I also knit AND crochet. I prefer to knit even though it goes slower. I still rather new to knitting but those gloves look very nice. Must buy the pattern (and the appropriate yarn).

    I have been knitting a lot more lately since my back is in nearly constant spasms, and knitting is something I can do lying flat on my back watching TV. Thank the universe for knitting, and laptop computers, or I would be going seriously crazy.

  4. My friend Carlotta knits AT the game. I had to give up knitting after having back problems.

  5. KL,
    Boy am I late to the party! I’m finally catching up on my baseball blogs. Thanks for the post and link! I’m going to check out the Homer Blanky myself!