Dallas Braden is PERFECT!

Hey A-Roid… next time Dallas Braden tells you to get off his mound, do it!

Hey Capt Cheeseburger, who’s “a clown” now? When did you throw a perfect game?

Yes, the A’s Dallas Braden threw the 19th PERFECT GAME in MLB history today vs. the Rays! He accomplished perfection on Mothers Day… the day MLB not only celebrates the holiday, but also focuses attention on breast cancer awareness. It’s particularly poignant that Braden lost his mother to cancer while in HS.

Congratulations Dallas… we only wish you had done this against the F’ing Yankees!

Dallas Braden (picture by Marcio Jose Sanchez - AP)


Reported by Susan Slusser of the SF Chronicle, covering the A’s: “Dallas Braden’s grandmother is here and speaking to the press. She says, and I’m not joking, ‘Stick it, A-Rod.'”

You tell ’em, grandma!

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