GoGo Gomez… the new AJ?

With last night’s laughable “performance” by Carlos Gomez, standing and admiring his meaningless moon-shot off of Nick Blackburn after flipping his bat and hitting catcher Joe Mauer, then making some rather mocking “chirping” motions with his hands on his way back to the dugout in response to the words being sent his way by Blackburn and/or Mauer, it begs the question… is Gomez destined to be our next AJ Pierzynski? (And, is that possibly the longest run-on sentence, you’ve ever read? My Journalism teacher would be so disappointed!)

Ever since joining the White Sox, AJ has been the ex-Twin that fans love to hate. He’s just got the kind of personality that grates on people (even his own team mates, apparently). He’s consistently greeted with a loud chorus of booooooooooooos whenever he comes to the plate in Minnesota.

But AJ is clearly coming to the end of his time as a BitchSox and, if you believe reports coming out of Chicago, he could easily be traded within the next two weeks (he becomes a “10 and 5” player June 14 and earns the right to veto any trade if he’s still with the Tidy Whities at that time).

So perhaps GoGo’s timing is perfect. If we’re going to be in need of a new ex-Twin to demonize, who better than the guy who was the centerpiece of the Johan Santana trade and failed to live up to his potential with the Twins?

I will say that, personally, it’s much tougher for me to dislike Gomez than it is AJ. Pierzynski is an intentional irritant. He thrives on getting under the skin of opponents and their fans. With Gomez, I don’t believe that’s the case. I think Howard Sinker at the Strib is right… he’s simply clueless.

I love watching the way he clearly is having fun playing baseball. It’s almost childlike. In fact, delete the “almost”… it IS childlike. I spent years coaching my son’s youth baseball teams and every year we had at least one kid who honestly had no clue about the “right” and “wrong” way to do things. Those kids just loved playing baseball and were completely unaware that you just don’t DO some things…. like over-celebrating a HR when your team is down 12 runs with one inning to play, for example.

Gomez will likely eventually learn that sort of thing. I’d say he might even get his first lesson in his first AB in this afternoon’s game, but that’s just not the way the Twins roll. (He might want to stand clear if he sees broadcaster Bert Blyleven with a ball in his hands during pre-game, though.)

But a part of me hopes he never completely learns. I don’t want to see his unbridled joy dampened. It’s just so fun to watch when he’s playing ball with a smile.

And if he becomes the “new AJ”, that will just make these interleague games with the Brewers that much more entertaining.

5 Replies to “GoGo Gomez… the new AJ?”

  1. I think because Gomez is so full of loveable joy, it might be hard for him to earn Pierzynski status of hatred.

    Also, it totally reminds me of something someone said in the comments on Batgirl’s site years ago, when the question was pondered, “Is the Brewers-Twins really a rivalry? Does anyone have strong passions about it?” Someone proposed, ‘Before the next series, we should call up a couple of pitchers from AAA, have them plunk the first three batters. That will turn it into rivalry.’ It was written much better than that; I can only paraphrase. (Speaking of writing, you need to work on your run-on sentences. It was good, but to be a great run-on sentence, you need at least two parenthetical statements, and at least one parenthetical statement inside another parenthetical statement (something like this) and it’s even better when you end up finishing the sentence after all the parentheticals and people have to go back before the parentheticals to figure out what the sentence really is.)

  2. Nah, Gomez is just being Gomez. Personally–I love it. I think its hilarious. I mean, classic Gomez: hits a home run when his team is 15 runs down, throws his bat and hits Joe Mauer, over celebrates… It’s great. Up there with the time Gomez hit a home run and sprinted all the way around the bases and into the dugout. Or the time he got a huge cut on his forehead because he ran into the revolving door at the metrodome…

  3. Yeah, I tend to agree, it will be tough for Gomez to reach AJ-like status, but I can see the potential!

    Wow, beth… I bow to the Master of the run-on sentence (or is it Mistress… I dunno but that sounds a bit too kinky for a baseball blog, doesn’t it?) and recognize that I have SO much more to learn about run-on sentences (and so many other things) before I can honestly compare myself to you (or just about any other writer in Twins blogdom (but especially the great Batgirl), for that matter), but I promise I won’t rest until I become worthy of such comparisons.

  4. yeah, he’s not anywhere near the same class as AJ. And you’re right – the difference is ALL about intention. GoGo is just… exhuberant. AJ’s an ass. And he’s INTENTIONALLY an ass. I don’t precisely MISS Gomez but I will always have a fondness for him when I see him play with another team.