Milwaukee, extra innings & a telephoto lens!!

KL and I went to the Milwaukee game on Saturday.  What a beautiful day for baseball – especially EXTRA baseball!  I brought my camera along because she has a pretty good view from her seats up in 322 and I thought maybe I would bring the big lens and get some pictures. 

Boy, did I!

see??  She’s got GREAT seats – also right by a bathroom, the escalators AND easy vendors with almost no lines!

But considering I took sooooooo many pictures (700+) during that exceedingly long game (12 innings), I thought I would put together a couple slideshows (75 pics per show) and share the experience of the day with you.  They are in chronological order and the first picture in the second show starts off right where the first one leaves off so put your mouse on the pictures and stop it and send it back to the beginning to keep it in order (or just refresh the window and start again when you get all the way through the first one…).

it’s amazing how much fun you can have watching a game through a telephoto lens!

PS. you can go to my other blog for more Kestral pictures – Babs’ Blotter

One Reply to “Milwaukee, extra innings & a telephoto lens!!”

  1. Great pictures from a great game, Babs! Pretty remarkable shots of the kestrals.