Fun with the Yankees… *snort*

Since the Knuckleballs folk all decided to attend the Yankees/Twins game yesterday, and in an effort to forget about our little “left on base” problems, I thought I would share a few fun photographic moments.

this is the view from JC & CapitalBabs' seats
JC & CapitalBabs in RF stands
CapitalBabs & her brother, Paul, at his first game!

Managed to catch a shot of KL sitting in her season seats directly across the park from us!

KL and her mom keeping score!

and my favorite picture from the day, a shot from Denard Span that came right at us to RF and I caught the ball in mid-air.

And just to narrow down all the pics I took at the game, I settled on a just a couple of great action shots.  The first slideshow is action at the plate and the second is shots on the mound.



3 Replies to “Fun with the Yankees… *snort*”

  1. Excellent work! Thanks!
    I’ll miss tonight’s chat . . . going over to a friend’s to watch the game.
    Might I suggest that the Twins fans really must stop Booing the Yankees, especially Jeter. It really just encourages them/him. Besides, the booing isn’t helping the Twins at all.
    Try something different tonight. Stop hating the Yankees. Stop booing them. Send all of your energy in a positive way toward the Twins and our players. Help them to focus. Help them to believe they are just as capable of bringing their A+ game as the Yankees are.
    The difference is not about money. The Yankees bring their A+ game ALL THE TIME. They very rarely screw up. Save the booing for when they delay the game, or show someone up, or break a rule and the umps pretend not to see it. The rest of the time ignore the Yankees and shower the Twins with your affection and encouragement. Just my humble opinion . . . and remember I’ve been a Cubs fan for most of my life and there is no evidence that my philosophy has done them any good at all 🙂

  2. interestingly enough, it was noted by JC and I that Jeter received very little booing from the crowd. A-Roid, on the other hand, was booed with every AB. And out of those 7 AB’s, he had 1 hit and 1 walk… not making any correlations here.. just saying.

  3. I don’t know… If this RISP crap keeps up, The Twins might deserve some boos.