GameChat – Mariners @ Twins, 7:10

Wow…  SOOOOOOO much news since the last game.  It’s kind of silly how much stuff can happen over an off-day in the baseball season!

A)  The biggest news is, of course, that the Twins have acquired a new closer from the Washington Nationals, Matt Capps, and some cash in trade for Wilson Ramos and Joe Testa.  We’ve covered that in a previous post today and just about everyone else has too.

B)  Today, the Twins announced that Nick Punto is going on the DL afterall and they’ve brought up Trevor Plouffe.  Does anyone else think that we have kind of a revolving door with Rochester right now?  I think if Rochester actually had a better record this year, I would feel really bad for the instability – and then I wonder if the instability might contribute to their record.  Poor Rochester.  Blackburn has also been sent down to AAA to get more regular starts to work on his pitching.

C)  Justin Morneau has begun doing light baseball activities – and it still feeling symptoms within a couple hours.  He is recovering, he says, but it’s obviously a lot slower than he wants it to be.  But that slowness means that he’s most definitely not going to play against Seattle.  Any thoughts of the next roadtrip are most definitely premature.

D)  in former Twins news, Guzman has been traded to the Rangers – sounds like he was really sad to be leaving.

I have to run out the door so I can’t wait for MLB to post the linkable lineups tonight so you’ll have to deal with the newspaper ones.  Hopefully I’ll be back before too much of the game has gone! 

MARINERS (39-64)

1. Ichiro Suzuki, RF
2. Chone Figgins, 2B
3. Casey Kotchman, 1B
4. Russell Branyan, DH
5. Franklin Gutierrez, CF
6. Michael Saunders, LF
7. Josh Bard, C
8. Josh Wilson, 3B
9. Jack Wilson, SS

Starting pitcher: RH Doug Fister (3-6, 3.56 ERA)

TWINS (56-46)

1. Denard Span, CF
2. Alexi Casilla, 2B
3. Joe Mauer, C
4. Delmon Young, LF
5. Jason Kubel, RF
6. Michael Cuddyer, 1B
7. Jim Thome, DH
8. Danny Valencia, 3B
9. J.J. Hardy, SS

Starting pitcher: RH Scott Baker (8-9, 5.00 ERA)

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Seattle 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 9 2
Minnesota 0 2 1 0 2 0 0 0 x 5 8 0


Welcome to Minnesota, Mr. Capps!!  Nothing like really showing up to work on your first day on the job!   It was fun to see the fan reaction and then to hear the newest Twin’s reaction to his welcome in the postgame.  He seems legitimately impressed with the park and the environment he’s now in.  I hope things continue to settle in for him but it was a great start.

But Capps getting the Save means the Twins got the WIN and that’s ALWAYS good news.  We pulled out the offense again, including Thome getting a 2 run HR.  Interestingly enough, there was another 2 run HR and from probably the last person on the roster that you would expect it from – Alexi Casilla!!  That was definitely an entertaining moment for tonight.  Good for you Lexi!  For that unexpected bomb, you were chosen BOD.  Pastries (or ice cream cake) go to Thome and Capps for rounding out the fun experience!

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  1. I listened to the post game show last night (didnt plan on it but just didnt turn the radio off) and Gardy called Mijares something and it was hilarious but I already forgot what it was, but something along the lines of ‘Ha, Ma’ or ‘Jo Ma’