Snappers Wrap

Tuesday night saw the finale of the Beloit/Cedar Rapids series and once again, things didn’t go real well for the Snappers as they fell to the Kernels 5-1. I stuck around through the 7th inning stretch but I couldn’t resist the urge to get home and watch the last half of the Twins/White Sox game.

Rather than give a whole lot of facts and figures from the game, I thought I would just post a few of the short video clips I recorded, with little or no commentary. Hope you enjoy getting a little taste of the Twins’ Class A Midwest League affiliate and I apologize in advance for the poor video quality. I’ve had this camera for about three years now, I think, and it’s the first time I’ve ever tried the ‘video’ feature.

The Snappers lone run in this game was accounted for by a Danny Rams home run in the 2nd inning (don’t you love it when the idiots sitting in front of you decide to stand up to let their ill-behaved kids change seats just as someone launches the ball over the LCF wall?).


James Beresford singled…


… and Beresford broke up a double play.

Rams catches a pop foul.

Aaron Hicks, out with an injured pinky finger, coaches first base.

Steven Liddle steals second base.

Despite a throwing error, the Snappers nail a runner at home.

Lance Ray singles.

Reggie Williams singles.

Daniel Santana called out on a bunt attempt… looks like he was still in the box to me.

Unless the Snappers find their way in to the MWL Playoffs (not totally out of the question yet, but they need to start kicking it in gear), this will be their last visit to Cedar Rapids for the season. I really enjoyed watching the effort they put out in the three series here this year and I look forward to seeing how they’ve matured by the time I see them in Spring Training in 2011.


After the Twins finished putting on their woopin’ of the BitchSox Tuesday night, Seth Stohs of invited me to join him for a few minutes in the second half of his Minor League Weekly podcast. We talked about my impressions and observations concerning many of the Snapper players I saw play here in Cedar Rapids this season (along with a couple of shameless plugs for Knuckleballs, of course). Ft. Myers Miracle pitcher Bruce Pugh was his guest for the first half hour or so of the program and I freely admit he was a heck of a lot more interesting than I was! Give it a listen, if you have some time today. Of course, I’d like to thank Seth for having me on the program. – JC

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  2. I drove down from the TC for the game Tuesday (I’m sitting above Snappers dugout when Rams rounds third on the HR). My second trip this year down to Cedar Rapids. I like the stadium, wish Beloit could get something like that built. Mainly go to see the Snappers, but I have seen the Kernels play 3 times this year and they are a fun team to watch also, even without Mike Trout.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Josh.

    Brian, I hope you enjoyed your trip to CR even though the Snappers were a bit flat.

    Losing Trout to promotion put a dent in the Kernels’ hopes for doing well in the playoffs, but the Angels just sent Randal Grichuk (2009 1st round pick and #7 pre-season Angels prospect by BA) back to Cedar Rapids and he’s hitting the ball very well. Grichuk was with the Kernels earlier in the season but injured his thumb in May and went on the DL. We haven’t had a MWL champion in Cedar Rapids for a long time, despite regular playoff appearances… hoping this might be the year!

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