Minnesota Baseball Icon – TC BEAR!!

Ok, not everyone has the same kind of feelings about TC that I do but as KL can tell you, I’ve taken every opportunity I could over the years going WAAAAAY back to collect fun shots of TC and followed his career.  But I know there are a few of you like me out there – yes, you, Jamar, and you, Betsy, and I’m sure there are others.  So, this post is for you!

Most Knuckleballers figure out in about 5 minutes that I kind of have a thing for kids.  I also take my responsibilities for passing on the love of baseball to the next generations seriously!  That includes the love of TC BEAR!  So when he informed me, via Twitter (@TC_00 if you’re interested), that he would be a library near my house doing a reading for kids, I knew what to do!

Oh yeah, I took a few kids along too!  My youngest brother, Ben, my nephew Camden, and his mommy and Aunt Lexi and her friend ALL went to the library to see TC Bear.  It was a really wonderful event.  They read a great baseball story while TC and a couple volunteers acted it out.  I’ve always been amazed by the hitting and catching that TC accomplishes given his limitations but he goes ALL OUT when he’s acting out a story.  He really knows how to commit to an action and not only that, the kids loved every minute of it!  So did the adults quite frankly.  Thanks TC!  And of course, I had to take lots of pictures!

I have no idea what kind of schedule TC has to keep in addition to his game schedule but a) it’s heavy and b) he is a wonderful reflection on baseball and the Minnesota Twins.  I don’t care what your job is, when you do it THAT well?  You are an honorable person.. err.. Bear.  😀

2 Replies to “Minnesota Baseball Icon – TC BEAR!!”

  1. I love TC Bear! At one of the games last weekend, they had him do a whole funny entrance where he came out from behind the trees, danced around, then jumped down onto the field. I was in line in the concourse, unfortunately, so I didn’t get pictures.

    At another game, extra innings I believe, TC came down into the section right above the Twins dugout and sat and watched the game with some kids. That was cool!

    I can tell you, TC bear is way better than Twinkie the Loon, which they had the last season at the Met. That thing probably gave kids nightmares.