What does it take for you to watch the White Sox?

So I found myself laughing at how many Twins fans were tweeting the scores of the White Sox/Royals games last night.  I actually felt bad for the players when I heard that the first game of a double-header didn’t start until 7 pm.  Why couldn’t someone figure out how to open up Kauffman a bit earlier in the day and start in the afternoon!?!?  And then when the first game went into extra innings, I just shook my head.  Ouch.  And then so did the second game?!?!  REALLY?  That makes for a long day and I don’t care which team you play for, you have my sympathy at that point.

I find it more than a little amusing that it was Yuniesky Betancourt who tied it up.  I like unlikely heros. 

But now I’m curious, how many of you Twins fans and others were checking out the action!?

Oh yeah, they all have to go at it again today at 1 pm! That’s going to be some quiet clubhouses this morning.

4 Replies to “What does it take for you to watch the White Sox?”

  1. I got home from Minneapolis about mdnight Saturday night and turned the game on to watch the last couple of innings of the second game. I ended up not actually getting to bed until almost 3 anyway. I slept in today and when I turned the TV on, they were wrapping up the pregame show for this afternoon’s game. Had to be a pretty short night for players on both sides.

    Oh, and they’ve got Country Joe West umpiring behind the plate today, who’s ALSO working on little sleep. This could be entertaining.

  2. I watched the end of the first game and had the second game on. The best part was when some of the lights went off in the third inning. Ryan Lefebvre just went off on Joe West when it looked like he might be considering delaying the game until the lights came on again. He was disgusted with pretty much everything West had done all weekend.

  3. Pretty sure the first game actually started at 6 ct (7et) . . . due to the FOX 3-6 blackout . . . no other games can start during that time . . . and to start at noon you have to get a waiver based on attendance and need for rain checks etc. (Royals were able to have everyone from Friday’s rainout and everyone who had tickets for Saturday pm all in the park at once, so didn’t qualify for the waiver). Insane schedule for everyone concerned . . .
    Anyway, I listened via gameday audio (to the Royals broadcasters, not the White Sox). Gave up when the lights went out around 11 pm in the second game . . . thought it was a sign.

    So, what’s the answer re: have any other teams played 3 games and 31 innings in 22 hours?