2010 Twins Legends game! Pics GALORE!


So I had no plans to actually be at the ballpark this weekend. 

But after watching those 50 All-time Greatest Twins come out on Saturday, I got so nostalgic that I really, really wanted to see that Legends game on Sunday.  So many of those guys have such a tender place in my heart that seeing them all out on the field together just made me tear up.  I put out a rhetorical plea to the baseball gods on twitter and my angel of mercy stepped up to say, “sure, let’s go to the game!”  Kirsten and I had a blast at our very first baseball game together.

I also REALLY wanted to get one of those cool Fedoras they were handing out at the game but because I stayed at home late enough to get the lineups up in the gamechat, we just didn’t get to the park until after all the hats were gone.  There were a LOT of people there VERY early so I was clearly not the only person who wanted to see that game (or get the hat).  So, no Fedora for me.  For the record – if you were there and got a hat and you aren’t so much a hat person?  Consider sending it my way.  I would wear that sucker a LOT!  I’m just a hat person through and through.  Let me know if you have an extra sitting around not being used.

OK, down to the REAL point of the day!  Seeing all the Old Timers!!  There were many unforgettable moments during the short period of time they were all out there.  For the record, the Minnies beat the Pauls 5-1 but I couldn’t even tell you who was on which team!  I was just enjoying all the interplay on the field and watching pitchers throw and batters hit and old guys try to catch!  It was just soooooooo much fun.  But, if you ask anyone who was there, there was one moment that really seemed to speak to the reality of all these guys doing this in a brand new park.  Kent Hrbek isn’t quite the man he used to be – more specifically, he’s about TWICE the man he used to be.  So when he dove to grab a foul off 1B and his full weight into the turf… well, the turf said, “ouch.”

Even funnier was the fact that he just sat there and stared at the hole in the ground for at least 5 minutes while they filled the divot back in and put the grass back.  You couldn’t even tell where the hole was by the time they were done but even Hrbek couln’t believe how much dirt he had managed to displace.  The fun wasn’t over yet either, he only finally got up when a couple buddies picked him up by each arm.  I just about died laughing as he totally milked the whole situation.  Of course, I can’t believe that more of these guys didn’t hurt themselves because you could tell they were having so much fun that they were pushing themselves to extraordinary limits. 

Ron Washington (Rangers manager), actually put on a Twins uni, sat in the Twins dugout with all the guys as one of our 50 Greatest Twins.  And he REALLY played too – to the point where he tweaked a hamstring and had to hobble off the field.  We’ve certainly heard that a lot lately but you really don’t expect it from the opposing team’s manager.  He got himself all ready for the game with his own boys after that but I couldn’t believe how much these guys of all ages really put themselves out there.  Some of them really look like they could still play today – or like they just left.  I just got super happy with the camera and took lots and lots of pics.  I hope y’all really enjoy them!  I would love to hear if you have a favorite!

3 thoughts on “2010 Twins Legends game! Pics GALORE!

  1. I’m jealous. Wish I had been able to see that game.

    I bet just putting on the uniform again with old team mates made the day worthwhile fun for those guys.

  2. I am so totally jealous. I was up in the mountains this weekend and got a phone call from my mom, who asked me if I was watching the game. I told her that, no, I was in the mountains at a mother-daughter campout. So she proceeds to tell me that not only were she and my dad at the game, but she gave me a rundown of the divot! I bet you had a great time.

  3. cool pics! I wish it was on My29 so I could of watched it

    I did find it a little weird for Ron Washington to suit up in a Twins uni and then a half hour later manger for the other team