2010 Twins Legends Highlights on FSN

So many people have come to check out the photos from the Legends game on Sunday that I thought I would provide a bit more information and video for people who weren’t able to attend and/or just want to see things again.

Fox Sports North has several video clips from the game that you guys might have a great time checking out.

1) Here’s video highlights of the whole game.

2) Video of that iconic divot! (my favorite in this is Morneau’s reaction!)

3) Ron Washington back in a Twins uniform.  His team really seemed to enjoy it.

4) Twins interviews about the Legends game.

There are more video links in there on the lower part of the page to check out as well but these were my favorites.  It also has all the Twins 50 Greatest Players introductions that you may enjoy seeing again.

If the highlights aren’t enough for you, FSN has a replay of the Legends game in its entirety scheduled for Friday night at 9:30.  I’m sure that further replays will be scheduled if you check out their tv listings.  Enjoy everyone!

One thought on “2010 Twins Legends Highlights on FSN

  1. Those are some great clips. It looked like the Rangers team was having a great time watching their skipper get his base hit.

    I don’t get FSN so I won’t be able to catch a full replay but at least those little snippets gave me a chance to see a few of the guys. Thanks for posting.