So how big is Twins Territory anyway?

It’s always true that the bandwagon gets a bit more crowded when a team is being as successful – especially late in the season – as the Twins are right now. But here at Knuckleballs, we’ve understood from the outset that many of our regulars would not be lucky enough to be in Minnesota. 😉  That’s part of the appeal of joining with other fans online when you are away from regular access to fellow fans. 

So, we added one of those fancy little tracker thingies to see how many people were stopping by to visit AND it tells us the various locations in the world people are logging in from.  WOW.  We were REALLY surprised to find out how many people out there from all over logged in.  But yeah, we know that most of those visits from overseas are probably not actually Twins fans and we just discounted them as bots… 

But then we started getting messages from minor league family members in Australia.  And we noticed that some of the locations are very regular and repeated.  Who knew that there are Canadian Twins fans!  How fabulous!  And while we know a few of the people come regularly and comment or join the chats, most of our readers don’t ever speak up.

So if you’re a frequent reader but haven’t ever felt the need to vent/vex/chat, here’s your chance to make a mark.  We really want to know where people are and how they found us or the Twins.  Select the option that best applies to you in the poll, and please, feel free to add more – especially if we haven’t heard from you before!  If you are further afield, we’d love to hear if you became a Twins fan here in MN and moved away or if you managed to discover them despite being outside their home broadcast area!

8 Replies to “So how big is Twins Territory anyway?”

  1. Shawn, WHERE? I would love to know where y’all are checking in from – at least generally. Please, no one post your address or anything, I would feel so responsible. *wink*

  2. Born and raised in Minneapolis, currently residing in a suburb of it. I will most likely be a Minnesota girl for life!

  3. um only the 5 state region? So does that include…. “& thereabouts?”
    Cuz I’m hardly in a totally different region of the U.S. 🙂

    Yes….I do have a complex, why do you ask?

  4. jamar, where you are is just like Iowa anyway (runs and hides).

    For those who don’t know me, I reside in a land of no weather, no mosquitoes and far too much traffic. Our freeways here are like oceans of cars.

  5. No problem, jamar… with the Cornhuskers joining the Big Ten, it’s only a matter of time before Iowa “owns” Nebraska anyway… beat the rush and consider yourself “one of us” already!