GameChat – Indians @ Twins #3, 12:10

A) I don’t think I want to know what that clubhouse carpet smells like today.

B) I wonder how many of the boys showed up today with aching heads – in addition to whatever else was a bit sore.

C) I really feel bad for poor Nick Blackburn because the guys in the field behind him??  definitely a day game roster and I’m sure they were all partying just as hard as the regular starters (if not harder given that they are on average younger) and it’s a LOT of BRIGHT sun out there today.

STILL, given all that?  what a beautiful day for baseball in MN and the Team and fans alike have a lot to celebrate today.  I hope Kris is taking pics and notes and such and can give us a personal account tomorrow.. *hope*

Cleveland @ Minnesota
Brantley, CF   Span, CF
Sutton, SS   Casilla, A, SS
Choo, RF   Kubel, DH
Hafner, DH   Valencia, 3B
Duncan, S, LF   Morales, J, 1B
Nix, J, 3B   Tolbert, 2B
LaPorta, 1B   Revere, LF
Valbuena, 2B   Repko, RF
Gimenez, C   Butera, C
  Carrasco, C, P     Blackburn, P


  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Cleveland 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 6 0
Minnesota 0 0 0 0 0 3 2 0 x 5 10 0


This was a game played on pure adrenaline.  Yes, it was all the young guys who probably bounce back faster than the more regular guys but still, they all seemed almost hyper-active today – which caused both great plays and some bonehead ones.  But they were obviously having fun and brought the bats and finally got around to giving Blackburn’s STELLAR outting some run support.  

Blackburn earned his 10th win of the season plus had some great fielding plays to top off fantastic pitching.  For holding his ground and having a great start even though everyone was probably holding their heads after partying last night, I’ve gone all out and granted him a baked alaska!  Enjoy!

And Jose Morales finally got a start at 1B!!!  And he did a REALLY good job!  I’m sure he was very nervous but he held his ground, kept his head on his shoulders AND brought his bat to work today!  He drove in 3 runs and finally is settled as Cuddyer’s back up at 1B just in case.  And yay for Cuddy getting a day off.  For such a great effort, Morales gets a Dairy Queen ice cream cake! 

Plus, just because the “B” lineup did such a good job of not letting this be a giveaway game because the day and situation, they get an all-you-can eat ice cream sundae buffet.  Enjoy boys!

But today’s BOD, by vote of the chat, was Alexi Casilla.  He led the team with energy level for sure and provided a LOT of instigation to keep the boys all moving.  He went 3/4 with 2 Runs and a super hot Triple!  good job kid!

MN Twins – 2010 Central Division Champions!

There really aren’t any words I think I can add to what everyone else is saying – cheering – screaming – sharing. Watching the team sit in their clubhouse watching the White Sox/Oakland game while all of us fans couldn’t help but watch the White Sox/Oakland game… it reminds me so much of 2006 and the celebration on the field. These moments seem to bring fans and teammates all together in such beautiful ways.

Obviously this is just step one.  We haven’t even finished the regular season yet and I know that they are going to keep driving to have the best record in baseball and homefield advantage.  And after that?  It’s the POSTSEASON!!!  October baseball in MINNESOTA!!!

For those who have better words than I to describe tonight, you should check out a couple different links:  Twins Wrap Up and Videos and the StarTribune Photo Gallery for the game tonight. 

And I would do whatever you can to try to catch the noon game tomorrow (today) because I’m sure that there will be more celebratory activity for the fans – if the boys have anything left in them!  *laugh*

I don’t usually do this but it was such a great pic, I had to borrow it from the Strib photo guys – full credit to them!

Casilla & Span celebrating the win!