MN Twins – 2010 Central Division Champions!

There really aren’t any words I think I can add to what everyone else is saying – cheering – screaming – sharing. Watching the team sit in their clubhouse watching the White Sox/Oakland game while all of us fans couldn’t help but watch the White Sox/Oakland game… it reminds me so much of 2006 and the celebration on the field. These moments seem to bring fans and teammates all together in such beautiful ways.

Obviously this is just step one.  We haven’t even finished the regular season yet and I know that they are going to keep driving to have the best record in baseball and homefield advantage.  And after that?  It’s the POSTSEASON!!!  October baseball in MINNESOTA!!!

For those who have better words than I to describe tonight, you should check out a couple different links:  Twins Wrap Up and Videos and the StarTribune Photo Gallery for the game tonight. 

And I would do whatever you can to try to catch the noon game tomorrow (today) because I’m sure that there will be more celebratory activity for the fans – if the boys have anything left in them!  *laugh*

I don’t usually do this but it was such a great pic, I had to borrow it from the Strib photo guys – full credit to them!

Casilla & Span celebrating the win!

3 Replies to “MN Twins – 2010 Central Division Champions!”

  1. About a week ago, the family and I were at Chili’s near our house, and we were waited on by someone who claimed to be a very close friend of Trevor Plouffe’s. I kind of feel sorry for the other people in her section because she spent most of her time talking baseball with us!

  2. I couldnt stay up past 11:30, so I went to bed. but it sounds like there was some awesome celebrations. Judging from my twitter feed this morning, Nick Punto stripped down to his jock and started to do batting practice. rofl