GameChat – ALCS Game 5: Rangers @ Yankees

The game is already in to the 2nd inning as I post this, but let’s see if we can all send our positive, if somewhat (at least in my case) margarita-influenced, energies in the direction of the Rangers. I’d like nothing more than to see them beat Captain Cheeseburger and his buddies and celebrate on the field in front of the Yankee faithful (at least those that don’t leave early, like they have en masse the last two games). – JC

Andrus, SS Jeter, SS
Young, M, 3B Swisher, RF
Hamilton, CF Cano, 2B
Guerrero, DH Rodriguez, A, 3B
Cruz, N, LF Thames, DH
Kinsler, 2B Berkman, 1B
Francoeur, RF Posada, C
Treanor, C Granderson, CF
Moreland, 1B Gardner, LF
Wilson, C, P Sabathia, P


I’ll conveniently ignore the Yankee win and mention what a great game the SF/Phil game was. Maybe Manuel should have joined the Giants in arguing about that hit-by-pitch before the game winning Sac Fly?

Oh… and something really should be done about the length of these games. OMG, they just DRAG on!