Merry Christmas Everyone!

This was probably the most surreal Christmas mornings I have ever experienced – awakened by John Gordon and Dan Gladden in a replay of a Twins vs Yankees game from some point…. wow.

Somehow, the alarm was set to radio instead of buzzer and before I was really conscious, I was imagining Nick Blackburn pitching and hearing some of my favorite sounds of summer.

To all our readers, Merry Christmas!

Baseball season is never very far away and we hope you are enjoying the off-season.

3 Replies to “Merry Christmas Everyone!”

  1. Christmas isn’t Christmas without something baseball-related under the tree. For me, this year it’s a Twins desk calendar and a copy of Joe Posnanski’s ‘The Machine”.

    Hope everyone is having a terrific Holiday! – JC

  2. I agree! Twins baseball remains on our minds over the holiday season. In our house, we received a gift from “Santa” — a Twins window cling (the kind that looks like a Twins baseball smashing through our car window). Love it!