Late Night: Joe Mauer & Jimmy Fallon

For all those who didn’t stay up late enough to catch Joe’s late night TV debut, I thought I would pass it along. Quite frankly, this kind of thing is just as well watched the next day in my opinion.

But it is nice for the Twins to get a little national attention of the positive variety! And I love that Joe is called Baseball’s Anti-LeBron!

4 Replies to “Late Night: Joe Mauer & Jimmy Fallon”

  1. I admit I watched it last night (or, more accurately, early this morning… since he wasn’t on until late in the show). I didn’t stay up specifically TO watch it, but since I wasn’t heading to bed yet…

    For me, the worst thing about it was having to suffer through most of the rest of Fallon’s show before Joe came on. Let’s just say I am not a fan.

  2. I’m always up that late and you couldn’t pay me to watch Jimmy Fallon’s show – so I looked it up first thing this morning. I figured I wouldn’t be the only one – thus the post. 😀

    I am still convinced that Joe has finally taken the advice of many a female Twins fan and hired a personal stylist over this off-season. His appearance during TwinsFest and on the show last night shows a dramatic improvement in his personal presentation. Guess the new budget allows for that kind of discretionary funding.. *grin*

  3. Ok ok, I give in. Joe’s looking good these days. And didn’t run and hide when Jimmy Fallon was being kind of creepy. Props for that.

  4. I wonder is Mauer hung out with The Roots ? (Fallon’s house band)

    I caught this online. Im not a Fallon fan. Craig Ferguson is what I watch