Happy 1st Anniversary!!!

Exactly one year ago today, KL, JC & I officially launched this little endeavor to the public.  We’d been talking about it for nearly a year (Seth, I still blame you) and the conversations about how much we missed Batgirl and the opportunity to chat with other fans all over the country during games culminated in searching out things we knew very little about… webhosts, graphic themes, chat programs, add-ons (what the heck is a widget anyway?) and a host of other questions that we didn’t know how to answer.

We figured between the three of us, we could pull it together.  Surprisingly, we did! A little trial and error, a little experimentation, and a lot of encouragement from some very kind fellow bloggers and here we are.  I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say that it NEVER occurred to us that we would be approaching 30,000 visitors a year later or that we would have posts containing what we hope is readable Japanese because people all the way on the other side of the planet are regularly visiting our little website!


None of this would have happened without the patience, good wishes, and constant advice we receive from our regular readers and visitors, as well as other bloggers.  We consider you as much our partners in this venture as the three of us with our names on the contact list.  Keep the ideas and comments coming because they are what keep us thinking and motivated!


In honor of beginning a new year as a blog in the Twins community, we’ve decided to spruce things up around here and you’ll see a few new things.  Obviously, the first thing you have likely noticed is a new webpage theme.  It’s not a LOT different because we liked a lot of things about the old one – especially our Twins color palette – but we believe this new one is cleaner, easier to read and a better representation of our personalities.  I hope you find it as comfortable as we do.

We’ll also be updating a few other things.  We hope to have a new blogroll installed shortly that will keep up with current postings from our friends and colleagues in the blogging world.  We also have a new page tab available containing an FAQ.  It hopefully will answer questions for those who are new to the neighborhood, so to speak, and may even surprise or educate some of our long term regulars who had missed out on some of the resources we provide here.

Since we have developed a readership base (however unexpected or unplanned), we also intend to start a new habit with some contest give-aways and charitable auctions.  We’ll be announcing those things periodically throughout the season.  If you want to participate in the planning of these events – either by suggesting worthy causes, providing items, or helping with event planning – please contact any of us with your ideas!

It all comes down to this:

It’s been a GREAT year, we’re glad you’ve been along for the ride and we are definitely looking forward to what new things will happen for all of us.  Keep your eyes open for all the new things we’ll have coming your way!

5 Replies to “Happy 1st Anniversary!!!”

  1. I just want to add my “thanks” to everyone who’s made our first year at Knuckleballs so much fun. Without all of you who clearly have nothing better to do with your lives than come here and interact with us, we’d just be here mumbling stuff to one another.

    Also, you might notice that we’ve added a few new links to our blogrolls. Check them out!

  2. Thanks, Cody. I really enjoy your stuff over at North Dakota Twins Fan too.

    By the way, all, if my math is correct (always an iffy proposition), this is our 388th post.

    And here I was concerned a year ago that we’d run out of things to say in a hurry.

  3. Imagine how many posts there might be if I could figure out when and what to write! I’m hoping in year two to do that.

  4. I really appreciate that this blog has been running. I read it nearly every day, and love the way that Jiminy writes and “hates” the same teams that I hate.

    I like the updates that you give us, too.