ST – Cardinals @ Twins, 12:05 pm, am1500 &

We have decided that our gamechat compromise is going to be chats during weekend and evening games or televised games..  There just aren’t enough of us with a flexible enough schedule to be able to attend noon games during the work week.  But I will continue to post the lineups and boxscores for each game so that you can follow along at home if you’re able.

St. Louis @ Minnesota
Schumaker, 2B   Span, CF
Theriot, SS   Tolbert, SS
Rasmus, CF   Kubel, RF
Berkman, DH   Thome, DH
Craig, A, RF   Hughes, L, 3B
Hamilton, 1B   Bailey, J, 1B
Molina, Y, C   Rivera, Re, C
Freese, 3B   Revere, LF
Jay, LF   Plouffe, 2B
  Westbrook, P     Baker, S, P


  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
St. Louis 1 0 0 2 0 2 1 4 0 10 15 1
Minnesota 0 0 0 1 1 2 0 0 0 4 8 1


This was one of those back & forth games that are usually pretty entertaining except that while the Twins would get some runs and make it close again, they never managed to get the lead and the Cards just seem to stretch it out a little further each time they would get another rally going.  So it wasn’t as much fun to listen to as you’d think.

Baker didn’t have the greatest numbers but it’s not all discouraging – it’s really hard to remember where he is in the schedule and that he’s going to a bit behind the other starters still with recovery in progress.  He said he felt pretty good after the game and I have a feeling that when he starts getting a few less fly ball outs, he’ll feel even better.  Nathan looked FANTASTIC in his 3rd outing of the spring – retired the side. I am really trying hard not to let my hopes get away with me but it’s just so hard not to get excited!

The bad news came in one of our young catchers filling in for spring, Danny Lehmann, left the game after getting hit in the head with a bat. He got a CT Scan at a local hospital but I haven’t heard any results reported back. I’m sure we’ll hear more about him tomorrow. UPDATE:  Joe C. says the scans came back negative which is good news and they will re-evaluate his condition tomorrow.

4 Replies to “ST – Cardinals @ Twins, 12:05 pm, am1500 &”

  1. It’s usually pretty tough to find something positive after a drubbing like the Cardinals laid on the Twins today, especially among pitchers, but both Scott Baker and Joe Nathan looked pretty solid. The pitching star, though, was not even seen by any fans who left early. Carlos Gutierrez pitched the last two innings and struck out four hitters in the process. Sure it wasn’t against the Cards’ front line hitters, but Carlos certainly made the most of his opportunity today.

  2. I wasn’t able to listen to the broadcast today. I guess I would just say that broadcasting Spring Training games has to be one of the tougher duties for an analyst. So many guys you’ve never heard of, not a lot of meaningful action, and lots of “filler” time on the air.

  3. Dazzle has been spending waaaaay too much time with Gordo I think. He’s developed some bad on-air habits and the rambling was HORRIBLE today.