Win Twins Tickets Here!

That headline got your attention, didn’t it? Nothing like giving away stuff to bring in the eyeballs.

Well it’s true. We’ve got a pair of tickets to the Twins/Rays game on Tuesday, April 26, to give away. You see, the good folks @MinnesotaTwins announced back on April 5 via Twitter that the team had a special deal for their Twitter followers. A link was provided that would take you to a special page on the Twins web site where followers could order tickets at a discount for the April 26 contest. Which I did.

As it turns out, however, I’m not going to be within even a couple hundred miles of Target Field that night… maybe not even within 1,000 miles.

So let’s give these things away. Now, mind you, these are not exactly “premium seating”. You’ll be sitting in the RF grandstand, but you WILL be sitting with a bunch of other people who got tickets because they (or someone they know) follows @MinnesotaTwins via Twitter… so it should be a ton of people who will be staring at their phones throughout the game, just like you. And these are free, dangit, don’t be so picky!

So here’s the contest…

Tell us which Twin will be the first among his team mates to hit a home run at Target Field this season. Tell us who, and then for tiebreaking purposes, tell us which game first tie breaker), and which inning (second tiebreaker).

UPDATE: If we still end up with a tie, the winner will be the person who entered their pick earliest.

Because we need some time to get the tickets to you, we need to limit this to the A’s and Royals series… so if none of our guys have hit a HR during those games, we’ll just pull a name randomly from everyone who entered the contest. We’ll do likewise if the hitter who actually goes yard first wasn’t predicted by anyone.

Leave your guess in the comments section of this post (or any subsequent Knuckleballs post… we don’t get so many comments that we can’t keep track).

Good luck!

– JC

UPDATE: We have a winner!!! Jessica S nailed it on the nose with her prediction of Jim Thome on April 10th, in the 8th inning! Congratulations, Jessica… we’ll be in touch about getting the tickets to you! – JC

38 Replies to “Win Twins Tickets Here!”

  1. a) I swear JC and I have the same carpet
    b) people are extremely optimistic about HR’s in Target Field

    c) I’m going with Kubel, April 12th, 6th inning.

  2. Have, I you’re referring to the pic of the ticket, if it looks familiar, that could be because you took it a year ago. I just dug the pic out of our archives.

  3. LMAO

    No wonder it looks like my carpet! that’s funny that I didn’t recognize the picture though.

  4. Hey Paul… having a little trouble deciding? 🙂

    I probably should have stated up front that there’s a limit of one guess per person… otherwise we’d have Babs just entering 100s of times with every possible player/game/inning combination!

  5. Denard span will get a home run on sunday april 10th, during the sixth inning!

  6. Nice try Arj!!! LOL but Jessica S beat you to it by about 26 hours and she actually guessed it right BEFORE it happened! 🙂

    Paul, “covering all bases” is what home runs are all about! 🙂

    Congratulations, Jessica S!

  7. Yes, Jessica! 🙂

    I’m pretty shocked that we ended up having someone nail it with Player, Game, and even Inning exactly right!

    We’ll be in touch via email to work out details of getting tickets to you. Enjoy the game (and try to do something about bringing in a Twins win, will ya?)

  8. seriously.. that’s downright scary Jessica. I think I’m going to like having you around if you can do that again! LOL