GameChat – Texas @ Minnesota, 7:10pm

UPDATE: After tonight’s game, the Twins announced that Denard Span was placed on the new 7-day DL for concussion injuries. Rene Tosoni has been recalled from Rochester. – JC

So the Twins are finally home! After a very heavy road schedule to start the season, the next couple of months are pretty heavily at home. That will be a nice change I think.  We have rain in the forecast for the evening but we’ll see if it holds off until after the game.

Rhett Bollinger provided a quick injury update for just about everyone on the team on twitter this afternoon – if you don’t follow him already you should because he’s very informative! @RhettBollinger:

  • Nathan and Perkins both threw bullpens today. Kubel played catch, hit in the cage, & did agility drills. Slowey threw from 150 feet
  • Gardy was hesitant to say Joe Mauer will return early next week because he still wants to see him catch more games.
  • Nishioka could also return next week but will play a few games with Triple-A Rochester before being activated.
  • Morneau also had an MRI on his wrist but it showed no structural damage. Just fluid. So cleared to play.
  • Thome’s quad injury is linked to his previous back problems. He’s scheduled to have an epidural in his back.
  • Span is going to meet with doctors again today. Feels better but suffered whiplash.
Texas @ Minnesota
Andrus, SS Revere, CF
Murphy, Dv, DH Casilla, A, SS
Hamilton, LF Cuddyer, RF
Young, M, 2B Morneau, DH
Beltre, A, 3B Young, D, LF
Cruz, N, RF Valencia, 3B
Moreland, 1B Hughes, L, 1B
Torrealba, C Rivera, R, C
Chavez, En, CF Tolbert, 2B
Holland, D, P Blackburn, P

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Texas 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 4 12 1
Minnesota 0 1 0 0 3 0 0 0 1 5 10 2

It was “Thirsty Thursday” at the CR Kernels game (1.50 beers) so $12 worth of beer and a thunderstorm later, I got home to listen to the last couple of innings of the Twins game. I did, however, follow most of it (until the rain started at the ballpark I was at) via GameDay. From what I can tell…

Delmon hit a long home run… he actually had three hits!

Cuddy hit a big time home run… maybe he and DY are tired of the little guys getting all the love (we can only hope).

Blackie pitched well (but maybe didn’t do as well throwing to 1B as he did to home plate).

The bullpen (with the possible exception of Jose) had another good night and Jim Hoey, in particular, came through with a big inning of relief.

But when you come through with a two-out walk-off RBI single to win the game, you get the night’s BOD award! Tonight, that would be you, Alexi Casilla! – JC


Alexi Casilla

Getting Reacquainted

 It’s been an odd season.

For a team in a league that limits active roster size to 25 players, the Twins have certainly manage to fit an awful lot of guys in to uniforms. 39 different players have taken the field for the Twins in 2011… 20 position players and 19 pitchers.

Of course, if you happen to be one of those fans that only pays attention to who’s playing when the Twins are taking the field at home in Target Field, you may not have noticed the constant roster adjustments that have resulted in Gardy putting something like 57 unique line ups on the field out of their 61 games. The reason you may not have noticed is that only 21 of those games have been at home.

From way down here in Eastern Iowa, I’ve personally attended almost 15% of the Twins’ home games. Quite the avid fan, aren’t I? Well, not really. I’ve actually only driven up to the Twin Cities for one series (the Angels)… and I didn’t even stay for every game of that series.

For those fans (and players) that may not remember what it looks like, this is Target Field

Well, get ready to get reacquainted with your team, folks, because all that is about to change.

The Twins will play 31 of their next 41 games at Target Field. They’ll have series in San Francisco and Milwaukee later this month and play a series in Chicago just before the All-Star Break, but otherwise, it’s time for some home cooking.

So, for those of you who have kind of lost touch with this team since the season started, here are a few things you should know:

  • You may have heard the Twins have a new second baseman. You may have heard that he’s from Japan. You may have heard wrong. Or not. Tsuyoshi Nishioka did start the season at 2B, but only lasted a week or so before breaking his leg, so when you go to the game, expect to see Matt Tolbert there. Or Luke Hughes. Or Michael Cuddyer. Or Alexi Casilla. Then again, Nishi is hopefully wrapping up his rehabilitation work in the minors soon, so you MAY see him out there. Or you may see him at shortstop instead. Or it may be Casilla there. Or Tolbert. Yeah… better just check the lineup on the big screen.
  • You may remember that the Twins have a home-grown All-Star MVP catcher. Well, yes they do. He’s currently DHing and catching a few innings here and there… for the Class A team his brother manages down in Ft. Myers. He, too, may be back on the field for the Twins some time during the next few weeks. But I wouldn’t bet on it. His legs are weak. Seriously… that’s the story… the $23 million/year hero is apparently taking the year off because his legs are weak.
  • You may have heard that Jim Thome is approaching a career milestone… 600 home runs! That’s true. He’s just approaching it very… very… slowly. He’s on the Disabled List at the moment (where he has lots and lots of company).
  • You may have heard that you can at least cheer for Jason Kubel and Denard Span because they have been among the few Twins actually hitting the ball well this season. Well… maybe. Kubel is keeping Thome and the others company on the Disabled List and Span has been missing games lately with what could be a recurrence of some vertigo issues he had a couple of years ago. Or maybe he just misses Thome and Jason (and the other Jason… Repko) and Joe (and the other Joe… Nathan) and the other guys on the DL and wants to hang out with them for a while.
  •  You may have heard that the Twins’ bullpen is full of guys you’ve never heard of. This is true. It’s just not necessarily the SAME group of guys you’ve never heard of that started the season out there. The good news is that THIS group of guys has actually been getting hitters out lately. Still… if you go to a game and the Twins have a lead of say 2 runs (or 3.., or 4… or 5) heading in to the last couple of innings, it might be premature to assume it’s safe to go line up at the light rail station.

Hopefully, during the course of the next 6-7 weeks, Twins fans will get to see more familiar jersey numbers at Target Field… either that or the team is going to have to consider putting names on the back of those old-school throwback uniforms they’re wearing at home (something they decided to do to honor Harmon Killebrew).

Even more importantly, I hope the performance on the field continues, as it has over the course of this past road trip, to resemble something fans have come to expect from the Twins in recent years. Their record is still the worst in baseball, but the pitching is more consistent (in a good way) and while the remaining sluggers still haven’t been slugging, the guys at the top and bottom of the order have been finding ways to score some runs. It has become fun to watch the Twins again… just in time for this long homestand.

I wrote a few weeks ago that I didn’t believe the Indians were for real. I’ve seen nothing to change my mind. The Tigers are the team that everyone in the AL Central need to focus on and the Twins are currently exactly 10 games behind Detroit. Six weeks from now, the Twins will be wrapping up this favorable stretch of their schedule by hosting the Tigers for a four-game series. If they aren’t within clawing distance of Detroit at that point, you might want to get a good… and last… look at some of your favorite players in their Twins uniforms, because many of them will likely be wearing someone else’s colors a week or so later.

– JC