A Wild Red Wing Weekend

Here’s a little something to check out before the Twins go for a sweep of the Padres this afternoon.

The Rochester Red Wings have had a tough season, largely because the Twins’ injuries have decimated their roster. Of course, as the Twins get their regulars back, the Wings should get a bit better, as well.

Also, it doesn’t hurt when a couple of rehabilitating Twins show up for a few games in Rochester. For example, does this guy look familiar?

Photo: an rong xu, Democrat/Chronicle

Joe Nathan made an appearance with the Red Wings in the 7th inning of the second game of their doubleheader Saturday night and you can read all about that here.

As you can tell, the Wings were sporting some fancy jerseys. If you like the Star Wars jersey Joe’s wearing there, you can have it for yourself! They’re being auctioned off for charity, along with a set of powder blue throwback Twins jerseys the Wings wore Friday night and a set of blue Fathers Day jerseys they’re wearing for today’s game.

Last night’s game finished with a bit of extra-curricular activities, as a 2B Steve Singleton was on the receiving end of a hard and late slide as he took a throw from Trevor Plouffe for an inning-ending force play. Plouffe had some choice words for the Indianapolis manager, bringing Rochester manager Tom Nieto out to join the fun. In fact, both benches emptied before order was restored.

You can read all about it at Jim Mandelaro’s blog. If you aren’t a regular reader of Mandelaro’s work at the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, this is a good time to change that!

– JC

2 Replies to “A Wild Red Wing Weekend”

  1. Is there a reason the Red Wings were wearing Buzz Lightyear pajamas instead of grown-up baseball uniforms? You hinted there was, JC, but I’m curious what it is.

  2. lisa, the whole weekend, they were wearing special jerseys that would be auctioned off for charity. As for why “Star Wars” jerseys? I’m not sure, but special jersey nights like that are among the most successful promotions that minor league teams have. I know the CR Kernels here in my home town have a “Star Wars” night every season where they do the same thing and it is always one of the highest attendance dates during the season. Apparently, that’s the case in Rochester, as well. They actually played two games Saturday… drawing a few hundred people for the afternoon game and over 12,500 (close to the largest crowd all year) for the night game with the futuristic jerseys. I’d like to think a few of them showed up to see Nathan, but I doubt he had THAT kind of effect. The Nathan jersey is at $260 as of 4:45 Sunday afternoon, by the way.