GameChat – Twins @ White Sox, 3:10 pm, FOX

We are Twins fans and that means we have a lot of things in common. Two of those common threads that most of us share are extreme dislike (I hate to say hate) for the White Sox and the Yankees. It’s tough for us to say a single positive word about players on either team’s roster.

Derek Jeter (Photo MLB)

That said, I’m also a baseball fan. And as a baseball fan, I have to step up and acknowledge… and yes, congratulate… Derek Jeter on reaching the 3,000 hit milestone in today’s game with the Rays. Despite the uniform he wears, Jeter has conducted himself in a manner that I can respect, as a fan, and I enjoyed watching him get #3,000 in classic Yankee fashion… with a home run in front of the home fans at Yankee Stadium.

So, on this day… and this day only… I’ll join with Yankee fans and congratulate number 2. Well done, Derek.

Closer to home, the Twins go for another win over the BitchSox today in Chicago with Brian Duensing facing off with Mark Buehrle. That sounds like a tough match up for Twins fans, but lately that sort of thing doesn’t seem to matter. Somehow, some way, the Twins win these games. Let’s hope it continues today.



Revere, CF Pierre, LF
Casilla, A, 2B Ramirez, Al, SS
Mauer, C Konerko, 1B
Cuddyer, RF Dunn, A, DH
Thome, DH Quentin, RF
Valencia, 3B Rios, CF
Hughes, L, 1B Castro, R, C
Nishioka, SS Beckham, 2B
Repko, LF Morel, 3B
  _Duensing, P   _Buehrle, P

That was at least an interesting ballgame. Brian Duensing and Mark Buehrle both pitched very well. What struck me, as much as anything, was that we got a very good look at the good and bad extremes of Ben Revere in the outfield. He made a terrific diving catch and then, on the last play of the game, we saw just how badly he throws the ball. That may have been one of the weiniest throws I’ve ever seen a MLB CF make to home plate… you couldn’t count the bouces because it was literally rolling by the time it reached Joe Mauer at home plate.

Ah well, come back and start a new winning streak against the BitchSox on Sunday.