Contest: Win 1991 World Series DVD Sets!

We haven’t had a contest here since early in the season and now, thanks to the good folks at A&E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions, we’re here to remedy that.

MLB Productions will be releasing two sets of DVDs in early August to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Twins 1991 World Series Championship and we’re here to help you get your copies now!

The first set is the MINNESOTA TWINS 1991 WORLD SERIES COLLECTOR’S EDITION DVD SET and the second is the MAGIC IN MINNESOTA: REMEMBERING THE 1991 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP DVD. Click the links for more information on these DVDs!

How can you win these terrific prizes? I’m glad you asked.

You may or may not be aware, but Twins closer Joe Nathan is on the verge of becoming the organization’s all-time leader in saves. His 253 saves as a Twin trails current leader Rick Aguilera by a single save.

When will he catch Aggie? And, more importantly for our purposes anyway, when will he notch the save that gives him the Twins record to himself?

In the comments section of this post (or any subsequent Knuckleballs post), give us:

  • The date that you believe Nathan will record his record-setting save (entries picking a particular game must be submitted before the official start time of that game).
  • For tie-breaking purposes, also tell us what you believe the total combined runs for the Twins and their opponents will be for that record-setting game.
  • If more than one person picks the correct game and are equally close to the correct total score, the winner will be the person who submitted the comment with their guess earliest.
  • An email address, so we can contact you if you are our winner (getting this up front precludes an imposter emailing us afterward, claiming to be you! We do not save, use or share email addresses without permission. If you prefer, you may email us your contact information rather than post it with your guess in the comment section).
Joe Nathan
    If nobody picks the correct date, we will choose a winner at random from all entries submitted by game time of the contest in which Nathan breaks the record. Likewise, the winner will be chosen at random if, God forbid, the Twins or Nathan himself should fall on such hard times that the record is not broken by the time the Twins return home from the current road trip that ends on August 4.

If you don’t happen to win our contest, not to worry… you’ll eventually be able to purchase both sets of DVDs (not to mention your other Twins merchandise and tickets, of course) at Other Twins blogs may be running similar promotional contests, so keep your eyes open for those, as well! (As we become aware of other blogs running a similar promotion, we’ll update this post and add links to the other blogs here, so keep checking back!)

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The ladies at Babes Love Baseball are giving away a set too!

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Get your picks in early… Twitchy could wrap up the record as early as Wednesday night in Texas! (Of course, that would require the Twins to stop sucking… but you never know, it COULD happen!)

Good luck… and Go Joe!

– JC

Prizes courtesy of A&E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions. To claim prizes, the winner will need to provide his/her mailing address to representatives of AEHE/MLBP and prizes can only be shipped to addresses in the Continental US. Knuckleballs is not responsible for delivery of prizes. 


32 Replies to “Contest: Win 1991 World Series DVD Sets!”

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  2. I have a set of these discs, but I like contests, so I just want to be the winner, not the prize receiver.
    July 28, 2011. Twins 5 Rangers 3 – Total Score (for those who failed kindergarten) 8.

  3. bob miller… if you’re checking back here at all.. you should probably register another guess. Looks to me like you guessed the same date and runs as someone else and shaun got his entry in ahead of you. Since his came in earliest, he would win the 3rd tiebreaker.

  4. Melissa, if you check up above, it looks like Max already has 6 runs on August 2… you probably want to try another guess since the next tiebreaker is the person who entered the right guess first! 🙂

  5. Wow, who would have thought it would take this long. If we’re allowed another guess, I’ll take Wednesday, August 3rd against the Angels. Total runs — 6.

  6. Yeah, I sure as heck didn’t think it would take this long to give these DVDs away!

    I guess I didn’t address limits on number of entries per person in the “rules” (makes a note that we should address that issue in future contests… I’m kind of an amateur at this). Since there’s a tiebreaker involved that gives the first entry an advantage, let’s go ahead and allow “re-entries” once your first choice is eliminated.

    However, so as not to be unfair to max and melissa with this late rules adjustment, we will consider tonight’s game “closed” (other than if melissa responds by revising her tiebreaker and, of course, for anyone who has not yet made their FIRST entry).

    So if you want to make another pick for Aug 3 or 4, go for it!

    Remember, if Twitchy doesn’t have the record by the time the Aug 4 game ends, we’ll be picking a name from the entries at random (only one entry in the random drawing per person, no matter how many guesses you’ve had).

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  8. I’ll try for August 4 with 5 runs. It seems generous to give the Twins credit for scoring at least 3 runs given their recent offensive ineptitude.

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  10. UpperDeck, thanks for entering… but we need to have you submit another guess. As the post indicated, if we don’t have a winner by the end of this road trip (Thursday, Aug 4), we’re going to pull a name out of a hat from all those who entered. That means all guesses need to be for tonight (8/3) or tomorrow (8/4) with differing runs-scored tiebreakers, of course!

    I honestly can’t believe it’s taken this long for the Twins to get two lousy saves for Twitchy.

  11. Oops, sorry. I should have read the post closer. I will go with August 4th with 7 Runs. I don’t see anyone else with that run total on here for the 4th.

  12. That’ll work, UD.

    It occurs to me that it would be helpful if I list the entries that are still in the running as of this time. These are the entries I see who have either 8/3 or 8/4 picks, in order from earliest to most recent:

    AW: 8/3, 6runs
    lecroy24fan: 8/3, 9 runs
    E: 8/4, 5 runs
    UpperDeck: 8/4, 7 runs

    Did I miss anyone?

  13. Sorry, i need to read the posts more closely….

    I’ll put in a guess for tonight, 8/4, 10 runs (i’m gonna say 6-4)