What Football Team Should I Root For?

Theyyyyyyyyyyyyyy’re Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Yes, Interpretation By Design, the same people who damn near brought down the internet when they posted the flowchart “What Baseball Team Should I Root For?” (and, not coincidentally, also designed our own blog’s banner!) are back with their new “What Football Team Should I Root For?” flowchart!

Here it is…

And, because I know you may not be able to read the fine print here, you might want click here for a link that might be more legible.

I’m reading through it right now and it’s downright hilarious! I can’t believe… hey… wait one damn minute… who are you calling “dysfunctional”!?

Damn, I hate when the truth hurts.

– JC


One Reply to “What Football Team Should I Root For?”

  1. The Northwest is supposed to be a beardy hipster enclave. So, if you’re a Seahawks fan, your facial hair resembles… Angelina Jolie? Therefore, the typical Hawks fan is female? Twelve years old? I don’t get the joke.