The Watch has ended… for Thome at least.

The word has come down the pipeline that a deal has been reached with the Cleveland Indians for Jim Thome and that he has waived his No-Trade Clause in order to facilitate the return.

I’m sure there will be a LOT of stories reporting on the various aspects – since we don’t know what we’re getting in return yet – but Mackey has the known details over at ESPN 1500.

I have to admit, I’m kind of a sucker for the story going this way. I really do want him to have the opportunity for a ring. He’s a fantastic guy and I think he deserves it. This is the team where he started and it’s kind of cool that he’ll likely end his career there… of course, he may surprise us all and keep going for awhile yet. Given how my “not-quite-40-year-old” body feels when I get up in the morning, I honestly don’t know how he still gets out there but I wish him the best of luck and at least I’ll have someone to cheer for in the off-season since the Twins won’t be there – and I’m pretty sure that the Indians still kind of count as an underdog since they still have to get past the Tigers.

Thank you, Jim Thome, for the incredible service you gave to Minnesota and the work ethic and class you brought to our organization no matter for how brief a time. You will be missed and we wish you well (even if it IS in the division!)


Just wanted to add my 2 cents… and to also thank Jimmer for the class he showed during his time with the Twins. I’ll be rooting for the Tribe to catch the Tigers and give Thome a shot at a ring.

The worst part of losing him is that the current batch of young Twins won’t have him in the clubhouse for the rest of the season. Then again, if they haven’t learned from him what being a Major League ballplayer is supposed to be all about by this point (and I see no indication that many of them have), the lesson is probably not going to to sink in with these guys.

Anyway… best of luck, Mr. Incredible! – JC

4 Replies to “The Watch has ended… for Thome at least.”

  1. I would be fine with seeing a Tigers-Indians Central race this year, hopefully with Thome playing a big part for the Tribe. He’s earned the right to go wherever he can in order to win, and I wish him the best.

  2. A first ballot HOF’er and a first class gentleman and citizen. He is the last of a dying breed. He is good for the game and I will miss him.
    I really wish he was going to a team that has a real chance at going to the WS. Cleveland is going no where. They are finally cooked. To their credit they stayed in the AL East race alot longer than I thought they would. The Tiggers win the East by at least 10 games.

  3. I don’t think the Toons have much of a chance. They’re 6 1/2 games behind the Tigers with just over a month to go, and that number has only been getting bigger. I wish Thome were getting a chance at a ring out of this deal so I could feel better about it, but I don’t think that’s the case. The Twins get nothing, really. And there goes the last thing that was fun to watch with this team this year. I’m heartbroken.

  4. I guess I wouldn’t be totally shocked to see Cleveland make a charge. I’m as surprised as anyone that they’ve hung around this long and I’m not sold that they’re that good, but it is, after all, the Tigers that they’re chasing and the Tigers have been known to bellyflop down the stretch before. Stranger things have happened in the AL Central.