What Do You Remember From 10 Years Ago?

So the fact that it’s September 11th is all over the news today. It’s the 10th Anniversary of the day the towers fell. Every reporter, every news show, everyone and their brother is trying to recount something new you might never have heard in the last 10 years or to put some new slant on it. And the result is that there is kind of a weird vibe about the memorials this year… at least the official public ones.

I had noticed a few odd things here & there but I admit that for the most part, I don’t get into all the big public stuff. I have heard a few individual stories that I hadn’t heard before but for the most part, it was just the same as usual. But then I heard from more than one person that all the coverage this weekend has put them off a little bit… so I started paying a little more attention. Sure enough, things feel tense – like a battle between trying to make reference to a BIG anniversary of a MONUMENTAL event while simultaneously trying to downplay¬† issues because they are afraid of overdoing something. Others are even posting similar viewpoints.

*shrug*  Seems like a bit too much work to me.

I’m perfectly willing to just remember that it was a horrible day in American history – to remember it for exactly what it was without either inflation or subjugation. It is a day to reminisce, absorb, share personal experiences and to draw back together as a community – to remember how unified we were and renew our valuable connections.

So I have gathered together a few things that were new to me this year and I encourage anyone who wants to share their remembrances of 10 years ago in the comments. This is a satellite image from the day the towers were struck. There are more images here.

Also, many of you have probably already seen or heard Michael Cuddyers account of that day and the effect it’s had on him and his teammates – Brad Thomas in particular. I really encourage you to give his account some attention if you haven’t seen it yet.

And another new account for me is some of the stories from the students who were with the President that day when he got the news. They are now getting ready to graduate from high school and have a unique perspective from the rest of us. I hadn’t heard any of their recollections until this year. You might find them interesting too.

For myself, as a government worker, I was desperately trying to figure out what we had to do next with the limited knowledge we had and in full capitol shutdown. Mostly we just sat around the television as a staff. There was little we could say to each other and even less we could do. Of course, life returns to a routine. And it should, we could never function if we had to live in the utter shock we lived in that day. But It would never do for us to forget that we had those feelings and why.

So I’m not going to bother watching any memorials today. I’m going to keep my thoughts on the personal recollections I have. For all my friends and community that felt more personal losses that day, my thoughts are with you. If you want to share, please feel free to do so.

One Reply to “What Do You Remember From 10 Years Ago?”

  1. I’m kind of with you, Babs. I’m sure it’s therapeutic for some to share and memorialize publicly, but I just can’t find it in me this year.

    I was in my office here in CR 10 years ago when one of the administrative assistants popped her head in my office door and said something about a plane hitting the WTC. I spent the rest of the day following along online and trying to reach friends of mine who were working in lower Manhattan… and trying to convince them to get the hell out of the area asap.

    I don’t care to dwell on those events, but I also don’t want to question the sincerity of those who do. I do admit that I’m not all that impressed with the efforts by various sports media and teams efforts to emphasize the role sports played in the “recovery”. But that’s just me, perhaps. I just feel that, other than the service academies, other venues’ efforts ring kind of hollow to me.

    In any event, for those families directly impacted by the events of 10 years ago today, my thoughts and prayers remain with you on what must be a very difficult day.