Ready for the 2011 World Series?

Well, it’s finally decided. It will be the Rangers vs the Cardinals. I have to admit that there are players I like very much on both teams. I might miss a little of the early action in the series just because of the whole wedding thing I have going on this week but I’m still going to try to get the games in.

I haven’t decided if I am cheering for CJ Wilson who just rocks as a person and a pitcher or if I am cheering for Nick Punto to get a WS ring just for karmic balance! Maybe I’ll just cheer for both. 

Here’s the schedule for the upcoming games – all times in Central time to help me remember:

Gm 1 TEX @ STL Wed
FOX Oct. 19 7:05pm
Gm 2 TEX @ STL Thu
FOX Oct. 20 7:05pm
Gm 3 STL @ TEX Sat
FOX Oct. 22 7:05pm
Gm 4 STL @ TEX Sun
FOX Oct. 23 7:05pm
Gm 5* STL @ TEX Mon
FOX Oct. 24 7:05pm
Gm 6* TEX @ STL Wed
FOX Oct. 26 7:05pm
Gm 7* TEX @ STL Thu
FOX Oct. 27 7:05pm


So who are you cheering for and why?

12 Replies to “Ready for the 2011 World Series?”

  1. Rangers

    Do not like the Cardinals since 1987 and severely dislike La Russa since his steroid-ladden A’s teams that took away division wins from the Twins. This is an easy one for me.

  2. Easy for me, too. Rangers. They’re the AL representative and they aren’t the Yankees. That’s all I need to know.

  3. Cardinals.

    The Rangers are from Texas. That’s all I need to know to cheer against them.

  4. If it’s late in game 7, I might start to root for the AL, but I won’t get beat up either way. I am, however, happy to see Pujols and Hamilton in the last series of the year.

  5. The decision concerning my 2012 loyalties will not be determined with finality until I know if I’ll be able to watch Twins games in Iowa next season, so it could come down to Opening Day. If they decide they don’t want me to be able to watch their games, they’ll also be deciding that they don’t want my continued fandom.

    If I go to Spring Training, I’ll probably spend some time both in Ft. Myers and Sarasota.

  6. JK said “If I go to Spring Training, I’ll probably spend some time both in Ft. Myers and Sarasota.”

    I love that answer. I can’t think of two better places to watch Spring Training games. We need to meet up in Florida, JK.

    I’m an AL guy so I will pull for the Rangers. I so vividly remember the 1964 World Series when I was a very young punk as I was pulling for the Cards so I guess I can’t lose. I think Tim McCarver was the Cards catcher. Am I right JK?

  7. Yes, McCarver was a young stud catcher in ’64. What I remember, though, about that World Series were the Boyer brothers, Ken and Clete, facing off against one another. They played 3B for the Cards and Yankees, respectively.

    As for Sarasota, this past spring was the first time I had been back to Ed Smith Stadium since the Reds left. It was a bit rundown last time I was there, so I was really impressed with the remodel job.

  8. Yes. The Boyer Brothers. Both were damn good third basemen and they could hit some HR’s too. I think players from that era took more pride in their fielding and mental errors were rare.

    I have a ticket stub from the 1965 WS at the old Met. The one I have is from game 7. A reserved seat in the left field pavillion. Face value of the ticket was $6.00

  9. $6.00 for left field pavillion? As usual, Cal Griffith was fleecing the fans! My recollection from those days is that, during the regular season, you could get field level box seats for just over $3.00 (not that my family ever shelled out that kind of money for a Twins ticket… we sat in the upper deck or in the outfield!).

  10. It was a World Series game. lol It even has the signature of the Commissioner of Baseball – Ford C. Frick. Do ya think he might have taken a little teasing when he was a kid?