Twins “Structural Reorganization”


Yeah, so you know how there were rumors that there was going to be some reorganization going on but then somebody clamped down and said, “no, we don’t know what they’re talking about..”?

Uh… yeah.

Step 1: Fire Bill Smith.


They did it – no seriously! Terry Ryan is back as interim GM until they get the rest of this stuff figured out.

You didn’t think they’d actually do it, did you? Color me pink & purple and call me a pachyderm. I’m pretty shocked.

What do you think Step 2 should be?

8 Replies to “Twins “Structural Reorganization””

  1. See… this is what happens when you have two people without any real way to talk to one another during the day co-running a blog! 🙂

    What the heck… it’s worth two posts, right!?

  2. From what Pohlad, St. Peter and Ryan said at the press conference, it sounds like the “next step” is reverting back to the cheap-ass way of running a baseball team that the Twins employed before they got their new money tree… aka Target Field. Pretty disturbing press conference, if you ask me.

  3. That’s what caught my eye, JC. Have to wonder if the rejoicing over the termination of Bill Smith won’t turn to sorrow with the actions of Terry Ryan.

    It is going to be interesting to try to figure out the philosophical differences. My hope is that it was that Bill Smith felt it was the injuries and that there could be an immediate turnaround and that Terry Ryan (and ownership) sees that it is a longer term project and therefore doesn’t see any reason to spend money needlessly next year. If that is what is going on, I’m okay with it. I’ve felt that the Twins needed to be aiming fo 2014 and later so conserving resources now makes some sense. All teams need good drafting and development but the nice thing about being “mid-market” was the hope that they could then add some free agents to put on the finishing touches. I hope that any unspent part of the “percentage” is going into a pool to be used when they are competitive again.

  4. I think you’re thinking wishfully, JB. The Twins have never had a history of “making up” for cheap years by spending more in later years.

    I also completely disagree with accepting a “rebuild for the future” approach. What a friggin waste of $37 million a year that is for Mauer and Morneau! That smells like the cheapass Twins of 1990s when they’d keep Puckett and maybe one other “name” around just to draw some fans without caring a damn bit about competing.

    This team is ONE injury-plagued season away from having won their Division and there’s no reason on earth that their revenues should justify cutting a nickel from their payroll. It’s not spending money just to spend money… spending the money at least equal to what’s coming off the books could produce a team capable of competing in 2012. The only reason not to do so would be simply to prove this generation of Pohlads is every bit as cheap as the last.

  5. The Twins may have won 94 games in 2010 but they were not championship caliber. I’ve been very depressed about this team since last fall because I just couldn’t see how they could get over the hump without blowing it up and starting over. (For me that probably also means getting rid of Gardenhire and his buddies. And frankly, the re-installation of Ryan and Krivsky doesn’t have me jumping for joy.)

    I actually made the same point the other day about the Twins not setting aside savings for future years so I know that it is wishful thinking — my preference would be that they put the money into making sure they get the draft picks signed and into more international signings (the one area where I felt Bill Smith brought something to the organization).

    You have a lot more faith in Mauer and Morneau and in the potential in 2012 than I do. It is very difficult for me to believe that Morneau will ever be more than a pale imitation of his MVP form. There is probably more hope for Mauer but then he will still be around in 2014 which is where I think the Twins needed to be focusing.

    You may well be right that it is all a reversion to being cheap. I would hope that the Pohlads would not break faith with the public quite that soon after getting a new stadium. We’ll all see what happens in 2013 and beyond.

  6. Yes, the Twins are just one injury-plagued season removed from 94 wins and a division title. Still, looking ahead to 2012, I can hardly think of a spot on the roster that’s already filled with a sure value.

    I think Mauer probably will rebound with 3+ WAR value next year, even 5+ WAR if he’s back to his old self, but who knows? Even if he does, who else can we rely on? At this point, you have to wonder if Morneau’s career might be effectively over. We don’t know if Span will be able to play much, or how well, next year. Thome is gone, and Cuddyer seems to like the thought of joining him in Philly. As a Type B free agent, Kubel probably shouldn’t have any trouble finding other opportunities if he’s inclined to leave. So, that’s 3 key question marks and possibly 3 big holes to fill. Then there’s still the hole at SS. And the remaining everyday players on the roster are either marginal prospects or mediocre talents.

    Then there’s the pitching staff (like the offense, 13th in AL this year), where Baker is coming back from an elbow injury, Liriano is like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates, the org’s best prospect is hurt, and the other starters are mediocre “pitch to contact” guys. And of course the bullpen needs to be almost totally rebuilt, possibly without the services of Joe Nathan anymore.

    Where to begin?

    JC, if the Twins follow your last blueprint, they’d lure Mark Buehrle out of Chicago, take a flyer on the health of Rich Harden, sign Derrek Lee and a Molina brother, get a veteran placeholder at SS like Ramon Santiago, sign a couple relievers like Jon Broxton and Todd Coffey, keep Matt Capps, and overpay to keep Cuddyer.

    Those aren’t bad ideas, but they’re mostly stopgaps–and I’d be shocked to see Buehrle leave Chicago to help rebuild a rival that he’s always seemed to personally despise. But let’s say that Terry Ryan follows that blueprint, and can get either Buehrle or Edwin Jackson. You said, “I think this roster could win some games.” But is that a 1st place team, or a serious contender?

  7. That blueprint presumed almost a $120 million payroll and according to Ryan, that’s about $20 million more than he’s got to spend, so we can pretty much toss it out. That said, yes, I think the roster I assembled in that blueprint COULD be a serious contender in the AL Central. It would require healthy years out of Mauer, Morneau, Span and Cuddyer, but I think you have to assume your top guys will be healthy whenever you start filling out your roster.

    At some point in the next few days, I’m going to open up TwinsCentric’s GM Handbook again and try to get in to Terry Ryan’s head. IMO, he’s much more likely to make some trades, even if they’re intended to accomplish little beyond dumping salaries. Trading was not Smith’s strong suit (#understatement), so he was more likely to go the free agent route.