Veterans Day! (11-11-11)

First, it must be said: Thank you to all of you who have served or are serving in America’s military. No matter the theater you served or generation of action, your sacrifice is much appreciated.


Secondly, today’s date has special significance to some of us – it’s 11-11-11!!! That makes it CUPCAKE DAY! (Cupcake Day as defined by the inestimable Batgirl is where the date is comprised of the same numeral!)

So treat yourself with a cupcake to celebrate. Even better? Give a cupcake to a Vet or Active Duty personnel and you’re a superstar!

3 Replies to “Veterans Day! (11-11-11)”

  1. Amen! Nice tribute to all Vets. Many MLB players were also Vets. Bob Feller served in the US Navy and lost 4 seasons of baseball. Surely he would have won 300 games. When asked about it Feller said, “We won the war that is the only thing that matters.”

  2. Oh my god why do I not have a cupcake in my hands right now? This must be remedied immediately.

  3. I must admit that I had a very small peanut butter/chocolate cupcake at Starbucks this morning that I would not have even considered having if it hadn’t been Cupcake Day.