The Twins finally released their official Spring Training schedule today! Now those of us who are interested can start making our plans… of course, mostly this just tells me what is going to be available during the week I’m planning to be in town – I think we’re looking at the 3rd full week of March to be in town.  I’m pretty sure that is basically how it works for anyone else going down there too!  If you’re one of those who is going to be down there, send me a message and perhaps we’ll be able to meet up at a game or something…  Of course, I will be on my honeymoon but I’m still gonna see some BASEBALL!!



By the way, if you’re one of the few who is NOT on Facebook, the following information won’t be of much use, BUT for the rest of us…  Our friends over at InterpretationByDesign created a page counting down the off-season days until Spring Training officially arrives – it’s good stuff! Countdown to Spring Training