The Twins finally released their official Spring Training schedule today! Now those of us who are interested can start making our plans… of course, mostly this just tells me what is going to be available during the week I’m planning to be in town – I think we’re looking at the 3rd full week of March to be in town.  I’m pretty sure that is basically how it works for anyone else going down there too!  If you’re one of those who is going to be down there, send me a message and perhaps we’ll be able to meet up at a game or something…  Of course, I will be on my honeymoon but I’m still gonna see some BASEBALL!!



By the way, if you’re one of the few who is NOT on Facebook, the following information won’t be of much use, BUT for the rest of us…  Our friends over at InterpretationByDesign created a page counting down the off-season days until Spring Training officially arrives – it’s good stuff! Countdown to Spring Training


  1. As I was looking at this, the third week was about where I was looking, too (although that day off on the 20th sucks). I’ve got tentative plans for some debouchery in New Orleans the first weekend of the month, so having a week or two to recover from that before heading to Ft. Myers would probably be wise.

    I’d like to be down there there for the 16th… a day/night doubleheader vs the Orioles @home in the afternoon and the RedSox down the road, but still in Ft Myers, at night is pretty interesting. Then would have the next day to do other stuff (since I’d have no interest in driving across FL to Miami).

    I will say that, with just one glance, this is a much better schedule than last year. No 3-4 day stretches without home games or drivable road games. Only two road games that are clear across the width of Florida (@Miami and @St. Louis). Pretty much every week gives you good options for ST baseball.

    Now it’s just a matter of making a plan.

  2. Upon further review… There look to be two weeks that I think are just about the best options and I’ll probably pick one or the other, depending on airfares and hotel rates.

    Option 1: March 13-20. Would involve flying down to Tampa/St. Pete on the 13th and spending one night there, then attending the game in Clearwater at the Phillies’ complex (it’s one of the best stadiums down there imo). Then driving to Ft Myers Wed night. Would see the Pirates in FtM on Thu and both the O’s and RSox on Fri. Sat would see what’s going on with the minor league games in the morning and hang out on the beach in the afternoon. Sunday it’s the Pirates again and Monday it’s back to the Red Sox.

    Upside: after attending the Phillies game, there’s no need to leave Ft Myers area at all. Downside: Seeing fewer teams since you see the Pirates and Red Sox twice each.

    Option 2: Mar24-31. Depending on flight times, may or may not see games with the Rays on arrival day and/or Pirates on departure day. In between, skip the Sunday drive to Jupiter (St. Louis), but see the Rays on Monday, drive up to Sarasota for the Orioles on Tuesday, Phillies in FtM on Wednesday, up to Bradenton for the Pirates Thursday and a split squad game with the Red Sox on Friday.

    Upside: See 5-6 different teams and I like the remodeled stadium in Sarasota. Downside: Two road games with drives over an hour away. On the other hand, you could see the Rays, Phillies, Red Sox and, perhaps the Pirates, without ever leaving Ft Myers.

    Decisions, decisions.

  3. The two best words in the English language is “Spring Training.” I love that time of year. Florida sun, baseball, outdoor dining, sand beaches, I could go on and on. My usual schedule is the second full week of March in Ft. Myers/Sarasota/Tampa. I would like to see a game in the new Red Sox ST park.