Winter Meetings Chat: Day 3 (7:00-9:00 pm)

Most of us would probably agree that the Twins have been more active at this year’s MLB Winter Meetings than they’ve been in recent (or not-so-recent) memory. During the first two days, the rumors about Twins activity on possible trades and free agent signings have been pretty much constant throughout the day.

So what did GM Terry Ryan get accomplished on Day 3 of the of his little wintertime business trip to Dallas?

(AP photo)

Nada. Nothing. Zip.

Or at least that’s how things appear. You never know what might be happening behind closed doors, of course. Maybe Michael Cuddyer will decide whether to accept the Twins’ offer yet tonight. Or maybe he won’t. There doesn’t appear to be any hard and fast deadline imposed by the Twins.

I can’t really say that I’d be all that anxious to jump in on the bidding for the big names at this point either. The Marlins seem determined to buy pretty much every player they want, regardless of price, so Ryan might just as well wait until the folks in the Marlins suite pass out from their drunken binge so he has some idea about who might actually be possibilities for acquisition.

Ryan and manager Ron Gardenhire did talk to the media today, anyway, so I guess there is that.

We’ll open up the chat window for a couple of hours again tonight for anyone interested.