Saints Sneak Peek

So this year will be the Minnesota Saints 20th season.. they’ll be announcing a new logo for the season later today but here’s your sneak peek:


The Saints have a lot going on this offseason. They are part of St. Paul’s request to the state legislature for building funds for a new stadium in lowertown…  To be honest, I really don’t know how I feel about that because so much of the identity they have in my mind is wrapped up in their midway location and there are a lot of pros & cons for building a new park for a minor league team – not the least among them is timing. However, if YOU are interested in learning more from the team, they will be hosting a live chat on the facebook St. Paul Saints page from 4-5 pm.

Last but certainly not least is the best Hot Stove League Banquet I’ve ever attended – and it’s going on this Friday. It’s used as a fundraiser for the St. Paul little league although I’m sure that there will be a lot of Saints & Twins baseball discussion. I encourage you to check it out.



3 Replies to “Saints Sneak Peek”

  1. This sounds like fun… If there were Independent League teams around here would be a blast to watch.
    Yeah… if the State pays for a stadium for the IL team and not the Vikings, might be bags of tea (or whetever the equivalent is these days – lutefisk?) thrown down the Mississippi 🙂

  2. AL Central just dramatically altered today. Yipes.

    Prince Fielder x 9 years = crap…a long time before it looks like the Twins are going to be able to contend in the division.

  3. Maybe. Maybe not, lisa.

    Fielder essentially replaces Martinez and at the same time probably uses up any cash they would have had to upgrade the back of their rotation. Fielder had Braun in the lineup with him in Milwaukee and they didn’t exactly lap the field there.

    Next year, they will need to find room for Cabrera, Fielder and Martinez in their lineup and the only way to do that is to put Cabrera at 3B or Martinez at C… either of which significantly hurts their defense.

    I’m not happy to see Fielder in the Division, but I’m not going on suicide watch over it, either. Let’s see how the games play out.