MLB FanCave Voting

So the top 50 contestants have been listed for the MLB Fan Cave competition!

You may not have even heard about the competition but I gotta admit, if I wasn’t so naturally lazy, I might have tried for it.  But yeah, that’s not me regardless of how fun it looks.

BUT there is a Twins fan in the list! Lindsay Guentzel.

You may or may not know her if you’re in the blogging community but she’s a local baseball nut who knows her blogging, reporting, radio and general Twins world. I think it would be FANTASTIC if we could organize our folk to get her voted in! It’s easy enough to do but as always, we’re battling larger networks for some of the other fans…  But we can do this!

1st: Go to MLB FanCave Voting and pick Lindsay’s video and vote! Do it as many times as it will let you! LOL

2nd: if you’re on twitter, go to @LindsayGuentzel & give her a follow.



3 Replies to “MLB FanCave Voting”

  1. As much as I love baseball, still, the idea of being trapped in an apartment for 7 months, with a handful of strangers, where you must watch every… single… MLB game on TV (even a White Sox-Orioles double-header!) sounds like hell, or at least the very definition of “too much of a good thing.”

  2. If you haven’t yet, you really should head over to either Aaron Gleeman’s blog or TwinsGeek’s blog and give a listen to this week’s “Gleeman and the Geek” podcast. Lindsay was their guest this week and did a terrific job. She sure sounds like someone who would (a) enjoy the experience, and (b) represent Twins fans and baseball fans of the female gender very, very well.

    I’m kind of with frightwig, in that personally this doesn’t sound like my idea of a good way to spend seven months of my life. (She did mention that it sounded like they’d be starting the season with more people in the Fancave than they did last year and may end up having some elimination contests… sort of a “Survivor” bend to it… which could make the experience more interesting than just sitting and watching a few thousand ballgames.) In any event, I’m all for giving Lindsay her shot!

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