And So It Begins

It’s finally here… the day Twins pitchers and catchers report!

It feels like I should write something monumental to mark the occasion, but as is almost always the case, I find that there are other Twins bloggers who can speak to the occasion much more eloquently than I. So, if you haven’t done so already, go check out the blogs of the following terrific writers:

K-bro welcomes our favorite players back in to our lives with poetry and optimism with her “The Start of Something Great” post.

TwinsGeek adds his own twist to Franklin Pierce Adams’ famous poem, with his “Baseball’s Happy Lexicon – 2012.”

Seth Stohs isn’t as poetic as the Geek and K-bro, but his prose is no less enthusiastic in his joy at the uttering of “Four Words that Make Me Smile: Pitchers and Catchers Report!”

They said it right.

– JC