Sunday Morning Comic Relief


SPRING TRAINING!! BASEBALL’S HERE!! My thanks to JC for carrying the load so well while I’ve been house-obsessed. But if there is one thing that can get my brain out of packing/moving/cleaning/painting world is the start of another baseball season. I can’t wait to get down there!

I’ve hardly been able to tear myself away from my twitter feed because our ever dutiful beat guys are down there sharing pics, videos and general hilarity from the pitchers & catchers who are going through the beginning of daily exercises! I totally encourage you to follow them – you’ll feel warmer just reading!

Phil Mackey – @PMac21

LaVelle E. Neal – @LaVelleNeal

Rhett Bollinger – @RhettBollinger

John Shipley – @shipleykid

2 Replies to “Sunday Morning Comic Relief”

  1. Thanks for the reminder, thrylos. I do follow John on Twitter and he’s very active there. I’ve added him to the list in Babs’ post.