In Line at the Coffee Shop..

I was very tempted to take a picture with my phone and post – in fact I battled back and forth whether to do it a LOT – but I finally decided that it would be borderline unethical to post a picture of the man without his permission.. And even though I kind of felt vengeful, I resisted the urge and just decided to share the experience with you instead.

With the move still not quite complete, I haven’t dug out the coffee maker at home, nor do I have internet -won’t until we get back from Spring Training – so I made a morning trip to get the requisite caffiene & wifi. As I was standing in line, the older gentleman in front of me was chatting up the cash register attendant – an attractive older woman who was definitely in the mood to be chatted up. I don’t begrudge anyone the time or the ego boost of a little flirting for the most part so I just waited patiently & debated the pastries in the case in front of me..

In the course of the conversation, a HORRIBLE truth came to light. She commented on his rather nice Twins hat.. “Are you a Twins fan?” Such a nice, innocent & easy question that I was unprepared for the horrible answer he gave…

“No, my friend gave me this hat. I’m actually a Yankees fan… “

I almost choked.

And seriously… I was a bit offended. And then I yelled at myself for even caring.. and then I realized it didn’t matter that I shouldn’t care, I did, and it bugged me.

Dude.. if you are a fan of ANOTHER team, DON’T wear MY team’s gear?!?!

But it was a gift from a friend.. who has infinitely better taste and is obviously working on the friend – or at least trying to keep him from getting killed here in MN. Shouldn’t that count for something? Yeah, it means I think I like his friend…