In Line at the Coffee Shop..

I was very tempted to take a picture with my phone and post – in fact I battled back and forth whether to do it a LOT – but I finally decided that it would be borderline unethical to post a picture of the man without his permission.. And even though I kind of felt vengeful, I resisted the urge and just decided to share the experience with you instead.

With the move still not quite complete, I haven’t dug out the coffee maker at home, nor do I have internet -won’t until we get back from Spring Training – so I made a morning trip to get the requisite caffiene & wifi. As I was standing in line, the older gentleman in front of me was chatting up the cash register attendant – an attractive older woman who was definitely in the mood to be chatted up. I don’t begrudge anyone the time or the ego boost of a little flirting for the most part so I just waited patiently & debated the pastries in the case in front of me..

In the course of the conversation, a HORRIBLE truth came to light. She commented on his rather nice Twins hat.. “Are you a Twins fan?” Such a nice, innocent & easy question that I was unprepared for the horrible answer he gave…

“No, my friend gave me this hat. I’m actually a Yankees fan… “

I almost choked.

And seriously… I was a bit offended. And then I yelled at myself for even caring.. and then I realized it didn’t matter that I shouldn’t care, I did, and it bugged me.

Dude.. if you are a fan of ANOTHER team, DON’T wear MY team’s gear?!?!

But it was a gift from a friend.. who has infinitely better taste and is obviously working on the friend – or at least trying to keep him from getting killed here in MN. Shouldn’t that count for something? Yeah, it means I think I like his friend…




3 Replies to “In Line at the Coffee Shop..”

  1. Hey now… I have a Twins hat, given to me by a very generous Twins fan. I have worn it in the offseason, as well as to more than one Twins game that did not involve the Yankees. I see no reason (aside from that it is fun to rip on Yankee fans) that this should be a problem. If anything, the person should be commended for being able to appreciate other baseball teams, unlike most other Yankee fans. This guy (and no, it wasn’t me) isn’t just shilling for the single-minded Borg — he’s willing to show support for other baseball organizations. So long as he doesn’t don Red Sox gear in Boston (in which case he’s just clearly pandering to the home team in order to flirt with baristas) he’s fine.

  2. Funny, YF… I had similar thoughts.

    1. “Babs! You were in line behind YankeeFan!”
    2. At least he didn’t say he’s a BitchSox fan; and
    3. Once you reach a certain point in life, all’s fair when it comes to hitting on members of the opposite sex.

    For the record, I voted for spitting in his coffee… if you can do it without anyone noticing (which makes you feel like you did something without actually causing a scene).